Datong Steam Locomotive Museum


It is a steam locomotive museum built at the original site of the New China’s first locomotive factory.


Datong Steam Locomotive Museum is there mainly for the history of the site. It used to be the location of Datong Locomotive Factory, the first locomotive factory opened during "the First Five-year Plan" period of China. Over dozens of years, thousands of steam locomotives were produced there, marking the start of New China’s locomotive industry.

While China’s last steam locomotive came out from it in 1988, then it symbolized the end of an era of steam locomotive in China. As the first steam locomotive of the New Chian, the Jiefang steam lomotative is also named "Bayi" ("ba" refers to eight and "yi" one). The production of it indicated the end of the disability of China in making and researching locomotive independently, and at the same time, turned a new page in the locomotive industry development history of China.

Items on display

Eight headstocks of steam locomotives and one carriage are exhibited. Among them, two steam locomotives of early period are made by foreign countries. There is one and only train carriage made in the late 19th century. In addition, over 30 photos of steam locomotives of early period around the world and flags and water injectors once used in Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway Line are displayed. In addition, there are exhibitions of locomotive models aperiodically.

Address: Qianjin Street NO. 1, Datong City