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Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai is an active temple, with 70 resident monks at the last count. The 70 monks who live and work there can sometimes be seen worshiping.

The temple was built between 1911 and 1918 in the style of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), with symmetrical halls and courtyards, upturned eaves, and bright yellow walls. The exterior is readily identifiable by the bright saffron walls.

Inside, the centerpiece is a 1.9-meter-high white jade Buddha, which was installed here after a monk brought it from Burma to Zhejiang Province in 1882. The seated Buddha, encrusted with jewels, is said to weigh about one thousand kilograms. A smaller, reclining Buddha from the same shipment lies on a redwood bed. In the large hall are three gold-plated Buddhas, and other halls house ferocious-looking deities. Artifacts abound, not all on display, and some 7,000 Buddhist sutras line the walls.

Alongside the temple is a branch of the Antiques and Curio Store, which sells miniature sandalwood drums and gongs, replicas of the large ones used in ceremonies. A vegetarian restaurant can be found on the temple grounds.

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Overview Located in the northwest part of Shanghai and tucked away amidst a jumble of charming turn of the century two-storey cottages and small glass office buildings, the Jade Buddha Temple is spiritual oasis in the midst of a booming city. Know more The ...Read More
Jade Buddha Temple was first built in 1882, but destroyed during Warring periods. The present structure was built in 1918 and located on the intersection of Anyuan and Jiangning Roads. It includes the Hall of Heavenly King, Mahavira Hall, Jade Buddha Hall, ...Read More
The Jade Buddha Temple (Yufosi) of Shanghai is an active one, with 70 resident monks at last count. It was built from 1911 - 1918; the exterior is readily identifiable by the bright saffron walls. Inside, the centerpiece is a 1.9 meter high white jade Buddha ...Read More

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by Fadil 2011-05-23
Situated in the northwest near the intersection of Anyuan Lu and Jiangning Lu, the temple is an active one, attracting large numbers of visitors, both local and overseas Chinese tourists. It is one of Shanghai's few Buddhist temples. Jade Buddha Temple was built between 1911 and 1918, housing 70 resident monks. Its exterior is easily identifiable by its ...
by Zsolt 2011-05-23
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Traffic Bus stop take blue and green the intersection of trader and line get, celebrate abundant station get off in Qingpu, can reach dedicate to the service of country temple. Introduce Ancient the intersection of town and the horn, westwards, walk to, settle the intersection of peak and the intersection of bridge and bridge at the the ramp of a bridge ...