Located at 210, Taikang Road of Luwan District, Tianzifang is an art street in Shanghai, combining artistic centers, exotic restaurants and bars, popular with locals and visitors from abroad. It was reconstructed on the traditional Shikumen (stone-framed-door) architectural structure, and is the base for many creative artists.

Only a few years ago, Tianzifang, 210 of Taikang Road, was as ordinary as any other lane in Shanghai, with deserted warehouses, and bathhouses. In 1998, it was renovated by the government. From then on, more and more painters, artists and owners of arts and crafts stores came to Tianzifang. Typical of these are Er Dongqiang and Chen Yifei, American ceramic artist Jimmy, and French fashion designer Caroline. They set up their design studios here, with the flags of their own countries fluttering over their doors. The cross-street sculpture - 'Art Door' designed by Cheng Yifei stands at the eastern end of Taikang Road, famed as the 'Street Mark of Taikang Art Street'.

Tianzifang is known as 'the Second Xintiandi in Shanghai'. However, other than its fashion elements, it has many differences from Xin Tian Di. The kindness, warmth, and noisiness of Shanghai are more in evidence here. The original buildings in Tianzifang are still intact, remaining the authentic features of the lanes in Shanghai, with Shikumen architecture to the fore. There are over 20 varieties of well-preserved shikumen buildings in Tianzifang, whose types and completeness rank with the best in Shanghai. The majority of the buildings are still occupied by the local population.