Ancient Lotus Flower Pond

Ancient Lotus Flower Pond

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Ancient Lotus Lake Garden was first built in the early years of the Yuan Dynasty (1277 A.D.). It used to be called Xiang Xue Garden (Fragrant Snow Garden). The main part of the garden is the lake. Some small and exquisite pavilions are built around the lake. The pavilions seem delicate and elegant with the ancient designs. The main attractions are Chu Wu Po, Shui Dong Building, Guan Lan Pavilion, Zhuo Jin Pavilion, Jun Zi Chang Sheng House, Xiao Penglai, Gao Fen Pavilion and some others.

There are inscriptions of the past dynasties carved in stone in the corridors on both the east and west sides. Among them is a tablet describing the construction of Lotus Lake. Shui Dong Building is a three storey building on which people can overlook the whole garden. Zhuo Jin Pavilion and Jun Zi Chang Sheng House are the best places to appreciate the lotus in the lake in summer.

It is quite relaxing and refreshing to sit in the pavilion and see the beautiful lotus in the lake. In the long corridor behind Gao Fen Pavilion, there are a lot of stone inscriptions written by the great calligraphers of history that are admirable.


Ancient Lotus Lake Garden is in the central district of Baoding, diagonally opposite the mansion of the Viceroy of Zhili Province.


Ancient Lotus Lake Garden is one of the gardens in northern China with the longest history. Now, it is one of the key sites to be protected in Hebei Province. It is said that the relief sculpture called "Lian Ye Tuo Tao" carved on the ancient pavilion mocks Empress Dowager Cixi who fled from Beijing overnight when the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded the area.

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Bus 1 and Bus 4 go there.

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