Baiyangdian Lake


Baiyang Lake is crisscrossed by irrigation canals and ditches. There are altogether 146 lakes of different sizes and the largest one is called Baiyang Lake. So the whole marsh area is called Baiyang Lake, too.

The scenery in Baiyang Lake varies with the changing of the seasons. In spring, the green reeds make the lake look green and fresh. In summer, when the lotuses blossom, there is exquisite scenery. In autumn, reed catkins wave and ducks fly. And in the winter, the icy lakes are sparkling and crystal-clear as jade.

The famous scenic spots in Baiyang Lake include Yuan Yang Island, Min Zu Island, He Hua Lake (Lotus Lake), and Jiu Long Pond (the Pond of Nine Dragons). On Yuan Yang Island, people can take a cable car and see the rippling lake from the air. Lian Hua Lake is worthy of its name because there are a lot of lotus plants. In the spring, thousands of little lotus plants are partly submerged and partly visible in the water, and in the summer, the blossoming lotus flowers bring life and vitality to the lake. There is about a thousand mu (about 66.7 hectares) of lotus plants.

The reeds described in the essay "Baiyang Lake"written by a famous Chinese writer called Sun Li are another unique landscape in Baiyang Lake. When autumn winds rise, reed catkins wave over the lake. This special visual effect gives people a dreamy feeling.

In addition, the reed mats made here are known for their ancient tradition, white color and soft quality. "Zhou Mats"of Anzhou, "Hua Bian Mats" of Guancheng, and "Little Bian Mats"of Leitou Village and Biancun Village are several brands. Tourists can buy some as souvenirs or presents for relatives and friends.


Baiyang Lake is in Anxin County which is between Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding. It is 140 kilometers (about 87 miles) from Beijing and Tianjin, and abouit 45 kilometers (about 28 miles) from Baoding.


Baiyang Lake is the largest fresh-water lake on the North China Plain. It is shallow and is a marsh area where there are many interconnected small lakes and ponds. It is full of reeds and marsh plants. The most attractive feature of Baiyang Lake is the beautiful scenery that changes with the changing of seasons.

How To Go There

People can take a bus at Baoding South Station and get off in Anxin County.

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Baiyangdian Lake is the largest fresh water lake in North China Plain. There are 146 lakes in large or small sizes. Among them the Baiyangdian is the largest one. Thus the name of the lake Baiyangdian comes into being. Upon mentioning Baiyangdian Lake, Chinese ...Read More
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