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Lion Grove is another interesting garden in Suzhou, which is well-known for oddly-shaped rocks and deep caves. Like the Humble Administrator's Garden, this one was also built hundreds years ago in the Yuan Dynasty. A monk called Tian Ru constructed this garden to commemorate his teacher. The garden's name comes from the rocks' resemblance to lions.

Occupying an area of over one hectare, Lion Grove is filled with rockeries of various shapes and sizes, which have made the garden the "Kingdom of Rockeries" in China. Qing Emperor Qianlong once paid a visit to Lion Grove and was impressed by the intricate labyrinth of caves there. Delighted, he wrote the inscription "Really Interesting".

The buildings in Lion Grove are representative works of the Yuan-dynasty architecture.

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Traffic: Tourists can take No.1, No.2 or No.5 touring bus, No.202 (former No.2), No.204 (former No.4 bus), No.23, No.549 (former No.29 bus), No.40, No.78, No.301 and No.305 bus to Lion Grove Garden. You can visit Suzhou Folk Custom Museum at the same time and go to Humble Administrator’s Garden after walking one hundred meters southwards along Garden Road.

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The Lion Grove Garden / Shizi lin Garden The Lion Grove is one of the four noted gardens in Suzhou. It was first built in 1342 in the Yuan Dynasty(1279-1368).This small gardend is truly exquisite in design, the rocking imaginative. Entering the garden the ...Read More
Lion Grove Garden (Shizilin) is located at 23 Yuanlin Road, in the northeast of Suzhou. It is one of the four most famous and representative classic gardens in Suzhou (the other three being the Surging Wave Pavilion, Lingering Garden and Humble Administrator's ...Read More
Renowned for its oddly-shaped rocks and deep caves, Lion Grove Garden is another of Suzhou s classic gardens. A monk called Tianru constructed the garden to commemorate his teacher, naming the garden after the rock s resemblance to Yuan Dynasty lions. Lion ...Read More

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by Porter 2011-05-23
Just up the street from the Humble Administrator's Garden, The Lion Grove (aka Lion Forest Garden, commonly called Shizilin in Chinese) was constructed in 1342 by the Monk Tian Ru and his disciples as a memorial to their master Zhi Zheng, Zhi Zheng, it appears, was some kind of cave dweller, and his last fixed address was called 'Lion Cliff, Tianmu Mountains...
by Kasim 2011-05-23
Open hour 09:00-17: 00; Stop selling the ticket at 16:30 p.m. since November 29 every year, opening time does not change. Ticket Busy season ( April 16 October 30 every year) 30 yuan; 20 yuan in slack period. Old man free evidence have over the 70, 1.2 following children free. Traffic Road No. 23 to the garden of northeast of the city. 3 kilometers from ...
by Sandrine 2011-05-23
Ticket 10 yuan Traffic Take Bus No. 51 to go to the temple terminus of bamboo grove directly from Yantai. Introduce Bamboo grove temple establish in Northern Song Dynasty loud to make 2 years gold A.D. 1162) ,Lie in the intersection of Yantai and the intersection of city and the intersection of mountain and the intersection of Nanyang and slope Wang, Mount ...