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Located at the Zhongzhanjia Street, the museum consists of buildings well preserved from the Ming and Qing Dynasties with elegant carvings. Suzhou is considered to be the cradle of Kunqu Opera, which is supposed to be the ancestor of all the operas prevailing around the country. Four rooms are arranged to remind visitors of the history of Kunqu Opera, local Pingtan Song( a local folk art of storytelling), Suzhou Opera, and traditional musical instruments.

Two stages set in the museum where residents used to watch performance. The museum house a collection of over 10,000 exhibits which showcase the development of Kunqu Opera and Pingtan Song.

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Ticket Coupon ticket 60 yuan for each person,including beauty spot: Gu Yanwu former residence, Gu Yuan, Gu Jian memorial museum, last good fortune Buddhist temple, world the first largest jade sleeping Buddha, tower Qin ( Step on the tower and does not open) , ...Read More
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The Tianjin Opera Museum was converted from the Guangdong Guildhall. It was by an accident that the opera museum had grown to its present size from the former Guangdong Guildhall. Guildhalls served as meeting places for businessmen engaged in various trades to ...Read More

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by Wang 2011-05-23
Traffic Can arrive to take and swim Line 5, No. 9, 146, No. 47, 148, No. 51, 68. Introduce The intersection of Chinese and the intersection of kunqu opera and the intersection of museum and persons of the intersection of Yu Ping and the intersection of river and in the association will it be the whole the Jin Dynasty 14 such as lane such as house such as ...
by Akilah 2011-05-20
Activities to commemorate the 220-year anniversary of the Anhui Opera entering into Beijing have been launched in Beijing Huguang Guild Hall. In the fifty-fifth year of Emperor Qianlong s reign in Qing dynasty, four major Anhui troupes came to Beijing for the first time, and performed for the royal members. They, since then, settled in the southern part of ...
by Enzo 2011-05-20
Canadian tenor Richard Margison is to sing the romantic lead in Turandot. (Henry Grossman) Zaha Hadid's design for the Guangzhou Opera House, which opens Thursday. (Zaha Hadid Architects) Canadian tenor Richard Margison is to sing the romantic lead in Turandot. (Henry Grossman)Canadian tenor Richard Margison will sing his signature role of Calaf in Turandot ...