Xuedou Mountain

The Xuedou Mountain historic site in Xikou becomes a popular tourist spot and national-level scenic resort and historic site with a good reputation at home and abroad, not only because it is the hometown of Jiang Jieshi and his sons, historical figures in modern times, but also because it has graceful sceneries and many historic sites.

Tips & articles

Located in the Xuedou Mountain Scenic Site of Xikou in Fenghua, the Xuedou Temple, one of the Ten Great Chanzong Temples in Southern Song Dynasty, has a long history of over 1,600 years. Being the rite of Monk Maitrdya, it attracts a large number of eminent ...Read More
The Xikou Xuedou Mountains Scenic Area was referred to as "Penglai (a famous tourist attraction in Shandong Province) at Sea" even in Han Dynasty. Xikou and Mount Xuedou Scenic Area, situated in the eastern fringe of Siming Mountain, is 37km north from Ningbo ...Read More