Wild Crane Pond

The scenic area of Wild Crane Pool has rich natural landscapes, of which there are steep and exotic sights of waterfall and pool which is as long as 2.5 kilometers and rich animal and vegetable resources.

There are also ravines extending vertically and horizontally, luxuriant woods, rich medicinal materials, clean and quiet environment, fresh air, cool and pleasant climate, graceful and beautiful landscape.

You may first take an express coach at the Ningbo South Coach to Ninghai Passenger Transport Center, take bus route 108 there to the west station, and then take a coach to the Huangtan Town.

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by Dristi 2011-05-23
Introduce The academy of small stream of Wu is a national normal school predecessor of Jishou, lie in the peak of the Ao fish peak of the cave and bank of Hebei. Here is with beautiful environment, it is a cultural center of western Hunan, cradle of the national teacher of mountain area from ancient times. Clear people have poems to look into the distance ...
by Puranjay 2011-05-20
Cangzhou wild animal rescue service center performed the ceremony of sending off recovery birds back to sky in Huanghua Huanan pond,with 10 wild birds flying such as grey crane and cygnet, all of which are accepted and treated by Cangzhou wild animal rescue service center. Almost 100 persons such as volunteers, teachers and students in Shuiyuesi primary ...
by Safia 2011-05-23
Lie in the bank of positive lake of Po of the river midstream and downstream of Jiangxi, and face each other through the lake at famous tourist attraction Mount Lushan, connect with the positive lake of Po of protection zone of world migratory bird with an organic whole, the bordering prosperous north airport of Nanchang tightly closely, Beijing-Kowloon ...