Lord Bao Park

Lord Bao Park has a solemn and beautiful environment. The lake inside the park ripples. Some people worship the famous people or their ancestors here. In Lord Bao Park, the three main attractions are the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, Lord Bao’s Tomb and Qingfeng Chamber. Visitors can also go to two public scenic spots: Footprints of Lord Bao and Floating Village.

Lord Bao Park is located on Wuhu Road in the Baohe District. It is outside the South Inner Ring Road.

Special Distinction:
It is ranked a AAAA tourist scenic spot in China. The park was built in memory of Lord Bao. Lord Bao is regarded as one of the honest and upright officials in feudal China. It is the most renowned and influential memorial temple for Lord Bao in the country, and one of the top three scenic spots of historical significance in Hefei. The other two are Mingjiao Temple and Xiaoyaojin Park.

Tips & articles

The full name of this temple is the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao Xiaoshu. It was constructed in memory of Bao Zheng who is idealized as an upright and honest official and a political reformer in the Song Dynasty. Xiaoshu is Lord Bao's posthumous name that was ...Read More
Baohe Park ( Baohe gongyuan ) is one of a ring of parks that circle the old city walls of Hefei. This park is the southeast section of the ring, while the others, in clockwise order, include the Xinghua Park ( Xinghua gongyuan ), Hei Pond ( Heichi ) and the ...Read More