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Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province, is located in the middle part of China between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River and beside Chaohu Lake. It occupies an area of 7,029 square kilometers of which the built-up urban area is 838.52 square kilometers. With a total population of about five million, the urban residents number about 2.7 million. As the provincial seat, the city is the political, economic, cultural, commercial and trade, transportation and information centre of Anhui Province as well as one of the important national scientific research and education bases.

The city was named one of the three national garden cities , and it enjoys the reputation of"the Green City."The Feishui River runs through it and it is surrounded by lush trees and fragrant flowers all the year around. The layout of the city proper features"Gardens in the City, and the City in Gardens.

"This is said to be unique in China. Hefei has been declared an excellent city for tourism in China because of its numerous tourist destinations. Such beautiful scenic spots as Bao Gao Park, Xiaoyaojin Park and Huancheng Park are located in the Hefei urban area, while Mt. Dashu, Mt. Zipeng, and Huiyuan Theme Park in suburban Hefei are highlights in the area.

Hefei Telephone Area code: 0551
Postal zip code: 230000

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The contradictorily named Leisure Ford Park (Xiaoyaojin Park) is well known in modern China as a famous battlefield. Although history faithful to the truth is a little hard to track down, most accounts in China now go like this. In the last years of the ...Read More
Meaning of the name of "Bengbu" "Clam Wharf" Population 449,245 (1990 estimate) Location 120 km north of Hefei, on the Huai River. It is divided into two parts: greater Bengbu on the south bank of the river and little Bengbu on the north bank. History Bengbu ...Read More
Introduce Wrap the inscriptions on precipices of snow waterfall, lie at the foot of a mountain of green peak of the place four kilometers west of the city of city of general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree, belong to the green slabstone village ...Read More

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by Delwyn 2011-05-23
Introduce The colored pavilion lake is affectionate, no matter when the autumn wind is bleak, or spring flower bright-coloured day. In it range film scenic spot of 254 sq. km.s at this in fancy,you can from can meet the eying and view in have a taste of to appear lovely new meanings many, because is affectionate, this scene of blue mountains and green waters ...
by Rees 2011-05-23
Ticket 20 yuan Traffic Take the car to the male genital of fir from An qing bus stop, then transfer to to the car of Fushan, walk 36 kilometers. Or bus stop take directly to car of Fushan, competent 76 from Guichi. Introduce The ancient name floats and crosses the mountain, and mountain stand side by side on Mount Huang, Jiuhuashan, Tianzhushan, Qi YunShan, ...
by Keverne 2011-05-20
Phase I Project of Gree's Hefei Manufacture Base Was Completed and Launched into Production While other electric household appliance companies are crying "winter has come", Gree Electric Appliance (Gree), the top air conditioner manufacturer in China, still enjoys a warm spring. On the morning of December 9, 2008, Boyan Technology Park in Hefei Hi-Tech Zone ...