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Footprint Pool is a small pool on an island in Baohe River. It is about 20 meters long and 8 meters wide, and it looks like the footprint of a giant. There is a story that when Bao Zheng was a child, he studied in the Xianghua Duen, and he often went there to play. At that time, there is no "Jade Belt Bridge." One day, Bao Zheng thought about taking a look at the other side of the river. Though the river was not wide, there was neither bridge nor boat available. So Bao Zheng suddenly jumped. A deep and large footprint was left on the island that filled with water.

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Traffic It is about 1 km from peak of Goddess of Mercy under the peak of the balcony to visit by the platform. Go by bus from 9 China street to Min Yuan, then can arrive to go up a hill to take the cable car. Introduce Under the peak of the balcony, about 1 km ...Read More
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by Vidya 2011-05-23
Open hour 9: 00- 17: 00 Ticket 35 yuan in busy season, 25 yuan in slack period. Traffic Take 15, 406, public transits of No. 913 are here Banpo Museum The station gets off and arrives promptly. (Set out and taken Bus No. 15 by the bell tower, drum-tower. ) Introduce The site museum in half way up the mountain, it is the first prehistoric site museum of China...
by Crispina 2011-05-20
Before the eyes of a western tourist, the reality of life in China as appealing as it is for its inhabitants to take in everything that brings them closer to the west and, as far as architecture is concerned, to its way of understanding the creative process. Today the open wall multiplies the experiences in which the professionals on either end share in an ...
by Halsey 2011-05-23
Ticket 20 yuan Traffic Take the No. of travel special line 2 of suburbs, the direct river scenic spot of Taoist temple of new continent of the car at the harbour long-distance bus station of the passenger traffic of Wuhan, start for time as 9 of morning every day: 00,The single fare is 18 yuan for each person. Introduce 20 kilometers east of lying in the new ...