Bailu Zhou

Bailuzhou Island covers an area of around 100 square meters, with a length of 1.5 kilometers and a width of 0.5 kilometers. Because of its shape like an egret, it is named Bailuzhou Island (Egret Island). The island is an oasis in the river, covered with tall bamboos and trees, so it attracts a variety of birds.

Bailuzhou Academy was built by Jiang Wangli, Ji'an procurator, during the reign of emperor Cuntuo of the Southern Song Dynasty. It was originally established for six distinguished scholars (Cheng Dazhong, Shao Yong, Zhou Dun-yi, Zhang Zai, Cheng Yi and Zhu Xi) to give lectures on Confucianism. After that, the academy went on to educate many great figures in Chinese history, such as Wen Tianxiang, Liu Chenweng and Deng Guangjian.

Since it was supported by many local officials in every dynasty, the academy developed well and was renovated several times. In the academy, the three-story Fengyue House stands out as the most majestic and magnificent of the buildings.

The existing Yunzhang House was reconstructed during the Ming Dynasty (1912), while Fengyue House was rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty (1868), with an ethnic architectural style and brick-wood structure. Both are main buildings in the academy. Other remains such as Banyue Pond, the Scholar Bridge and the ancient Luck Terrace are also famous sites. In 1978 the Bailuzhou Island Bridge was built to connect the island with the city. Today it is very convenient to visit there.

Location: The Bailuzhou Academy is situated on Bailuzhou Island in the Gan River, in east Ji'an.
Special Distinction:Bailuzhou Academy is on a par with the great Yuelu Academy of Hunan Province. Bailuzhou Academy along with the White Deer Cave Academy on Lushan Mountain, Swan Lake Academy on Qianshan Mountain and Nanchang Yuzhang Academy comprise the four ancient Jiangxi academies.

How to get there: Travelers can take No. 14, 22, 43, 87, 301 and 304 buses to get there.