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Ji'an City is a prefecture-level city, located in the southwest of Jiangxi Province China, 230 km. away from Nanchang, the provincial capital of Jiangxi province. The city administers ten counties, two districts and one urban city, as well as 213 villages. The entire area of Ji'an City is 253,000 square kilometers and the total population is as high as 4,700,000 .

Ji'an City is abundant in natural resources and scenic spots. It is famous for Jingangshan Mountain, the cradle of the Chinese revolution and the birthplace of the Chinese Red Army. The city has a long history of more than three thousand years and is a provincial level historical and cultural city. Here are preserved many historical sites, such as Bailuzhou Academy, Jinju Temple (a Buddhist temple on Qingyuan Mountain) and Dongwu Tomb in Jishui.

The city has enjoyed prosperous civilizations since ancient times, and raised a large number of talents and celebrities. There were nearly 3,000 Jinshi (third degree candidate in the imperial civil service examination), 20 Zhuangyuan (champion in the imperial examination) and 32 Tanhua (third place in the imperial examination) from the Tang Dynasty until Qing dynasties. The famous saying "two prime ministers across one river, three scholars within five li" expresses this historical success. A number of major figures such as Ouyang Xiu, one of the Tang & Song Eight Talents; Wen Tianxiang, the national hero; Xie Jin, the chief editor of Yongle Encyclopedia; and Yang Wanli, the renowned writer were born here.

The telephone zip code: 0796
The postal code: 34300

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Double Dragon Bridge The Double Dragon Bridge is located to the west of Jian Shui County, the 17-arch stone bridge spans on the joint of the Nanpan River and the Tachong River, which zigzag like two dragons, therefore it was named Double Dragon Bridge. The ...Read More

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by Rylie 2011-05-23
Jian Shui Confucian Temple The Jian Shui Confucian Temple is located in the western part of Jian Shui County. Constructed in the Yuan Dynasty, the temple with a 710 year history was expanded by imitating the one in Qufu of Shandong province during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It now covers a total area of 114 acres and is well-known in Yunnan Province for ...
by Arsen 2011-05-23
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In the clear monarch s hometown princess Taishan opposite. It is the place where the clear monarch collects the firewood and works in childhood according to legend. She yearned in the hometown in front of people s palace, mountaineering went back to look into the distance, because with princess platform Famous mountain. After the clear monarch enters the ...