Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall

Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall was built in 1984, with an architecture style from the Song Dynasty. It stands on a lush hill and follows its shape. Travelers walk through a group of tall and beautiful monumental archways, across Linan Bridge, over 47 stone steps, and arrive at the magnificent Wenxinguo Public Hall.

The Hall is a two-story pavilion, with red pillars and yellow roof tiles. At the center of the Hall stands the statue of Wen Tianxiang. The structure of the Hall is like that of a courtyard house, with a well in the middle and corridors linking Wenshan House, Sixian House, Zhuju House, Imperial House and Poem Monument Houses.

The Memorial Hall displays the biographies, artifacts, manuscripts and writings of Wen Tianxiang, as well as paintings and calligraphy works by today's celebrities. In a word, the Hall exhibits a total of four sculptures, 55 photographs and charts, seven rubbings, 38 literary documents and 103 works of painting and calligraphy.

Location: The Memorial Hall is situated in Wenshan Park, the crossway of Dongchanggan highway and Dunyong highway.

Special Distinction: It is one of the top ten halls of fame, and is known as an education base for primary and secondary school students nationwide.

How to get there: Travelers can take No. 101 or 102 buses to get here.