Zengchong Drum Tower

It is the oldest and the most beautiful drum tower in China. It is 25 meters high with 13 stories. It was built in 1672. You can walk to the top for the beautiful views.

The Drum Tower is uniquely Dong in style and it's where all the important events take place in the village. When the elders decide to have a meeting, the drum on top of the tower is sounded and everybody who hears it, drops what they're doing and turns up. The drum tower in Zengchong is among the oldest of its kind. It was built some 400 years ago, all from wood, but still stands firm. The drum tower is not only the symbol of the Dong village, it's also their pride. No outsiders can be involved in building it so the final structure reflects the villagers' skills and prestige.

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The Drum Tower in Zengchong Village was built in 1672. It is located 82km north of Congjiang County and has 13 levels, 17.65 meters in height. The types of the Dong people's drum towers usually have two kinds - pagoda and hall, and Zengchong tower belong to ...Read More