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Another Step for the Construction of Zoomlion National Key Lab

Another Step for the Construction of Zoomlion National Key Lab

Write: Ozias [2011-05-20]

Author: Zoomlion Source: Zoomlion 2008-04-28

Successful developed High Power Winch Machine Testing Platform
In the afternoon of 28th February, another tower completed in Zoomlion Science Park, stands for another step of Zoomlion National Technology Center. This tower will be a testing platform in Integrated Transmission Lab of National Key Lab, will play an important role in the commonness technology research of high power winch machine.
To conquer the technical difficulty of short life of major winch steel wire in this industry, Zoomlion National Technology Center set up project team in 2007. Through more than half year effort, Zoomlion successfully developed high power winch machine testing tower.
This testing tower highs over 50 meters, max loading capacity is over 20 tons for single wire, meeting most products major winch machine testing requirement for present. Through simulating the realistic working condition, this testing platform will test and validate the performance of high power winch machine, and find out the best solution for promoting system performance.

This testing platform adopts modularized design, featured with flexible combination, for example, winch machine could adopt electric-mechanical driving, all hydraulic driving and other driving method, and electro-hydraulic ratio, variable frequency and other speed-adjusting method; Platform adopts PLC intelligent control system, system controlled by all-Chinese-LCD-touch-screen, recorded automatically by the system, with multi-protection-section and sound-light alarming function, making the operation of the testing platform more flexible and more reliable.

More than that, this testing platform adopted intelligent supervision technology developed by technology center, testing process info will be automatically sent to technical engineers computer or mobile phone, in another word, remote control.

Because of too much factors affect steel wire life, mature research theory is still in lack of. Successful development of high power winch machine testing tower will efficiently solve the problem of short life of major winch steel wire for rotary drill rig. Meanwhile, the result of the research will be very helpful for other products like tower crane and mobile crane.
Another Step for the Construction of Zoomlion National Key Lab

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