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Guests from SISU Visit

Guests from SISU Visit

Write: Nori [2011-05-20]

Han Zongqi, former Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai International Studies University, together with Xu Baofa, the current Secretary, and others from SISU, visited South Campus of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) on May 26th.

After visiting GDUFS' Digital Television Centre, the group expressed the opinion that GDUFS' facilities were advanced and characterized by excellence.

"The teaching facilities in GDUFS are as good as those in ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong and Hong KongUniversity," said Han Zongqi.

The visitors commended the modern architecture on South Campus. After reviewing GDUFS' school paper, Han said: "It is very professional and, in fact, better than SISU's."

The visitors all thought highly of GDUFS' setting up a branch campus in UniversityTown.

Guests  from  SISU  Visit