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Nanhu Lake Canal to be Extended

Nanhu Lake Canal to be Extended

Write: Rosaline [2011-05-20]
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Canal Connecting Nanhu Lake with Zhupaichong Inner River to Be Completed


The construction of the canal to connect Nanhu Lake with Zhupaichong Inner River will be completed and a beautiful landscape along the canal will be presented to us by the end of September.

The project layout map shows that the canal starts from Nanhu Lake, crosses several districts in the city and finally connects with Zhupaichong Inner River. There will be four bridges on the canal.

The canal will serve to supply quality water to major inner rivers and at the same time connect Nanhu Lake, Minge Lake and other rivers and lakes in the city. In addition beautiful eco-tourist resorts will be built up along the canal so that this area around the canal will be a landmark of Nanning in its effort to become the Water City of China .

Nanhu Lake Canal to be Extended