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The Temple of Sun Park travels Beijing of China

The Temple of Sun Park travels Beijing of China

Write: Averill [2011-05-23]

The Temple of Sun Park travels  Beijing of China

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1,4,9,48,57,120,403,938,No. 938 Branch, 808, unite to get off on the lake special line Ri Tan Lu, the Temple of Sun Park of No. 29 gets off.


The Alter to the Sun has another name called towards the Alter to the Sun, it is the famous cultural relics and historic sites five jars in Beijing The first is the place where the emperor offered sacrifices to and paid homage to the big and bright spirit Sun god in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the Ming and Qing times, every A, third, fifth, age, annual emperor Ren would come to morning sun of the Alter to the Sun personally on the third of the twelve Earthly Branches on the day of the Spring Equinox, other year are acted on one s behalf by the gentle official. The Alter to the Sun lay outside Chaoyangmen, built in the ninth year of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty (1530) ,The jar is square. Cover an area of 206200 square meters now, the subject building is every one type white stone sacrificial altar, surround the stub wall all around, has increased modern facilities on the basis of keeping having old cultural inside information originally, have interesting, deep and remote, quiet, refined, beautiful characteristics. The main view has garden jars, west Tianmen, north Tianmen, supernatural the intersection of storehouse and supernatural kitchen, kill the intersection of domestic animal and pavilion, have, take hall, hold a memorial ceremony for mural painting, southwest scenic spot, the intersection of song and pool to win spring, the intersection of jade and the intersection of strong fragrance and garden, peony garden, old activity day
Unless at park have southeast corner win by spring garden, be covered an area of 10,000 square meters,of there is song pool, there are a pair of swans in stone carving in the pool, a stone frog sprays water upwards. There are clear sunshine pavilions on the southeast hill in the garden, there are gardens and orchards on the southern side, there is Ma Jun martyr s tomb in the northwest corner. Because the park is located in the Diplomatic District, become the place that diplomatic officers of various countries like to visit. Jar the west to,white for stone building one layer platforms square,there are for coloured glazes red in Ming Dynasty on jar, in order to lasting the sun, changed into the side brick was built in Qing Dynasty, condemned the wall (short enclosure) all around ,There are white stone Ling stars on 3 doors in the due west, there are burning stoves, pools outside the west door. The north is in order to the supernatural storehouse, supernatural kitchen, kill domestic animal s pavilion, bell tower etc.. The south is in order to obey the hall. More clear by the seventh year of Qianlong 1742 years) Reconstruct in the northwest corner of the jar. New China was establish in the past destroying, historical relic of the greater part of ancient building was stolen, made the Alter to the Sun turn into a block of ruins. Beijing Municipal Government extended the Alter to the Sun as taking up an area of more than 20 hectares of the Temple of Sun Parks in 1951. Build the south, the intersection of Peking University and door and show window, build peony garden, clear the intersection of sunshine and pavilion, the intersection of song and pool win spring garden, hold a memorial ceremony for day Mural painting, a classic one and refined residence ,Hills are green and waters are clear southwest scenic spot, gallery of Greco-Roman Style,etc., hold a memorial ceremony for platform, take on a new look after renovation demolish. Rebuild horse s fine horse s martyr s tomb and commemorate the room, expand the large-scale amusement center. The forest makes a pleasant shade, the road surface is neat, simple and unsophisticated and refined, the Temple of Sun Park with peaceful scenery is more beautiful and more beautiful. Have supernatural storehouse, kill domestic animal in the southeast the Alter to the Sun pavilion, spirit to make sacrificial offerings kitchen, emperor change one s clothes sacrifice, and have a rest have, obey hall,etc.. Newly build the southeast now The view day of clear sunshine Scenic spot and southern side The song pool is won in spring Scenic spot. There is water of ring in the north of the song pool The fish dive that the kite flies ,There is swan s model of spreading the wings in the pool, now there is little toad s model of looking at the sky, lively. There is an ancient cypress in the east of the jar, there is a slice of Japanese oriental cherry in the west of the jar. The fountain, rockery, rattan teapoy are seen everywhere.