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The garden of skill of Xuanwu travels Beijing of China

The garden of skill of Xuanwu travels Beijing of China

Write: Ynyr [2011-05-23]

The garden of skill of Xuanwu travels  Beijing of China




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The garden of skill of Xuanwu lay in the cypress street of Chinese scholartree of Xuanwu District, the end of the fifties was reconstructed into Xuanwu park progressively by Lin Di, carried on planning and design again in 1983, reconstructed into the garden of skill of Xuanwu next year.
The garden of skill of Xuanwu takes up an area of 73,700 cubic meters, it is one that combines classical architecture and modern landscaping art together, the new city garden with style of the garden of the South, the focal point is outstanding and refined With quiet Characteristic,have cloves academy , the loose bamboo is verdant , one pile of shadows that jade floats , quiet refined garden , whether green wave shed transliteration 5 scenic spots. The garden door is unique and meticulous, mix with the scene wall, tile carving on both sides of door of five rooms of gardens, very simple and unsophisticated and generous. Enter the garden door, there are rockery, pond, cliffside waterfall in one s face. come straight to the point Borrow the green screen-like mountain peak and divide the scene, make the widely different way of mountain rotate. Pass the rockery, the skill garden is divided into two parts of things. Good at with the mountains and rivers in the east, with quiet refined garden , cloves academy As the main scenic spot, install and sew the mountain stone, clear pool cloud wall, pavilion, pavilion, veranda, bridge, make the eastern scenic spot quiet and refined taste. Take mountain forest scenery as the core in the west, and mix with the loose bamboo is verdant , whether green wave shed transliteration , one pile of shadows that jade floats , awake lion s garden Wait for the scenic spot, have a panoramic view of the deep, peaceful and rough mountain forest scenery.
The most representative scenic spot - garden in the garden The quiet refined garden has the view unit of one s own in the Xuanwu skill garden. There are gentle and quiet pavilions here, chirp in cicada s pavilion, take on, quiet eight scenes such as pool, mandarin duck s pavilion, lotus bridge, bright moon dyke, refined island. The gentle and quiet pavilion faces water on three sides, set off cicada s pavilion of chirping in the green pines and verdant cypresses on the hill by the left bank pool, have taken shape The louder cicada chirp, the quieter forest appears Artistic conception. There are quiet pools under the mountain, there are mandarin duck s pavilions on the bank of the pool. Scenic spot the intersection of lotus and bridge like the bright cloud under rain, in the south have the intersection of lotus and spray pond, three lively playboy paddle statue under the lotus leaf that spray water in the pool, have special feelings. It passes bridges to be the intersection of bright moon and dyke, dyke the south to overflow ink some stone bridges, the bridge is made up of a stone, face water by the stone, water stone links up, there is water makes people far in fact Its sense. There are refined islands in the east pool of the dyke, the green pine is dark green on the island, line with moulding with the white crane. Blue and green stone Xiao Jing has verses to have the question: pleasantly see the green pine and prolong life luxuriantly, the refined island of more happy white crane dance .
The hill is taken on refinedly and high behind the bridge, the scenery of considerable complete garden here. The whole quiet refined garden, the rockery is green, the different stone is colourful, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out and pleasant.