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The ecological tourists mountain villa of Amway agriculture travels Beijing of China

The ecological tourists mountain villa of Amway agriculture travels Beijing of China

Write: Bastian [2011-05-23]

The ecological tourists    mountain villa of Amway agriculture travels  Beijing of China


Dongzhimen No. 915 Branch 4 direct Amway grand mountain villa


Amway grand tourists mountain villa of ecological agriculture lies the dragon gulf collects the hard village village in the mountain in the town, 5 kilometers from the burnt tunnel warfare site of peasant household, from Beijing City Area 58 kilometers Sanyuan Qiao, 37 kilometers from the Capital Airport. Area is 400 hectares. The ecological agriculture of Israel and going sightseeing for an organic whole, she has condition of planting and plucking etc. of organizing the visitors in enormous quantities to visit rural scenery, large canopy science and technology, and can offer playgrounds such as travel, recreation and spending holidays, meeting, amusement,etc.. Surrounded by hills, with the pure and fresh air around the mountain villa, the environment is beautiful leisurely, make the real European graceful bearing, let you experience the pleasure like the Land of Peach Blossoms constantly, linger on and compete gaudily the green shade covering the ground, wonderful work, return in the lake-light beautiful image, flying bird more intoxicatedly.
Development people first of the mountain villa, pay attention to technology and management, has set up a piece of agricultural scientific and technological ranks which regards graduate student, undergraduate course, training university student that Agricultural University graduate as the basic backbone. The mountain villa covers an area of 400 hectares, water quality is good, pollution-free, guarantee all products are the environment-friendly pollution-free food. There are 40 hectares of high-quality fruit trees in the garden, more than 20 varieties; 28 large canopies of the greenhouse; Natural to break up in 3.333 hectares of chicken farms; The wild duck cultivates 2500 square meters of lake; Fish s pool is 30000 square meters.
Hotel and tourist industry of mountain villa are founded the state international hotel group s management and administration. There are 86 sets guest rooms of main building of hotels in the mountain villa, more than 40 characteristic small log cabins and cave dwellings of economy village of peripheral hardware, and is equipped with in the function room, meeting room, Chinese Restaurant, Western-style food coffee shop, can accommodate more than 300 people at the same time, meeting, having dinner; Set up the natatorium separately, amusement events such as sauna bath, bowling alley, sand fox s ball, billiards, badminton, table tennis, Karaoka disc, electronic game room, room of chess and card, outdoor tennis, basketball,etc..
With green hills and clear waters in this, in the agricultural mountain villa of modern Hi-Tech eco-tour of the drifting fragrance of the flowers and fruits, have 66.667 hectares of various plantations, ones that let you enjoy the rural area to the limit are happy. There are 40 hectares in gardens of ecological agriculture, facilities regulate 3.333 hectares of gardens, 4 hectares in the aquaculture garden, 3.333 hectares in the special cultivation garden, visiting goes angling 4 hectares of man-made lakes, 200 hectares of hunting grounds, participating in 3.333 hectares of horticulture district, go sightseeing and pluck 2.667 hectares in the diversified horticulture district, and there is multi-functional villa of training center, apartment for elderly people and recreational facilities are more than 20000 square meters, a dozen all kinds of restaurants, can hold several numerous people to have a meeting to study at the same time, go sightseeing.
Travel project: The natural scenery of the garden is appreciated, mountaineering, traveling on foot of remote mountains, the flowers are appreciated, garden and large canopy pluck, adopt fruit tree, adopt land, visit and buy poultry, go angling, go hunting inside and outside the room and tank drive and pet exchange foster etc..