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Rock of France s looks travels Shaoyang of China

Rock of France s looks travels Shaoyang of China

Write: Tawny [2011-05-23]

Rock of France   s looks travels  Shaoyang of China


Lie in the east of urban area of Wugang of Hunan Province, it is the important component of the provincial scenic spot of mountain of cloud of looks rock of a law, built in 1984, covered an area of 12.77 hectares. The intersection of rock and the intersection of former capital and roof beam, looks of France, (Wugang once called as) One of the ten scenes, call cave heaven of lookses of the law . Clear unify the will states: the treasure mesa, in 2.5 kilometers in southeast in the state, a treasure wins the mountain, have another name called the money and win mountain, law looks rock . law looks It is a group in the Buddhism, call law looks one , riding the justice chapter of Sutras is called: everything has it in order to do nothing carefully generation, the law looks of the common name Choose it with the famous rock, so gain the name; Lay out into the park now.
Rock of France s looks is the typical karst ground form, the hole strange stone is different. Ancient tree reach to the sky on the ground, if green shade stamp, one peculiar cemetery park the intersection of stone forest and park. There are hooligan, colored milk, lotus, have a southern exposure, meet the male genital, really perches, latent celestial being, having and rejecting the cave with stalactites and stalagmites that eight holes linked up in ground, the hole gully is deep and serene. The famous patriotic poet chants one in looks cave heaven of the law with justice oldly in the Southern Song Dynasty: whether the intersection of hole and door, the intersection of cloud and depths, who think human world pin some day ; Residence Wu, associate managing editor of newspaper, appearance of the city of China, gentleman visit the intersection of law and the intersection of looks and inscription under rock just: The cave heaven is rare, dangerously steep and very too beautiful to be absorbed all at once generation in the city. Straighten one s back people more or less all over the world, who can bow . The domestic natural landscape is as follows, day pillar, Yun GenShi, hold the longan mark, hold up a column of it, Gong Long, five snake appear and a thousand the intersection of mound and field, the intersection of stone and Ma long for trough, the intersection of tortoise and look for food, the intersection of teenage girl and dressing table, the intersection of rock and the intersection of mountain and cliffside waterfall, dark dress circle, the intersection of pearl and tower, stone forest; The human cultural sight is as follows, <>, more than 70 cubic meters of past dynasties inscriptions on precipices with different famous graceful bearing such as emerald hairpin; There is famous army of Huangpu in beauty spots such as one kind of Zhongshan halls of second old site of branch school, general Li Minghao villa,etc.; Have it in order to commemorate more than 500 officers and men who seven red armies that comrade Deng Xiaoping leads die a hero s death while fighting fiercely while passing by Wugang, liberate the intersection of Wugang and the intersection of PLA and soldier that give up one s life heroically under campaign and lie between the intersection of stone and the intersection of revolutionary martyr and Tamerlan that revolutionary martyr build that reactionary forces massacre Jiang.
Rock of France s looks is classified as the provincial historic reservation unit as far back as 1959; The Chinese and English edition of China s travel information storehouse of the income of National Tourism Administration in 1992, enjoy great prestige home and abroad. A natural one beautiful, people or read or view or visit, sigh with all sorts of feeling all without exception, drive quill scribbling sketch, the ones that praised him are interesting. Extant the intersection of celebrities and masters and the intersection of inscription and over one hundred, among them with epigraph the intersection of looks and the intersection of rock and scenic spot, law of China, of Ye Rutang, Vice Minister of Ministry of Construction, Must use its appearance most generally.