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The modest benefit tomb of money travels Suzhou of China

The modest benefit tomb of money travels Suzhou of China

Write: Misty [2011-05-23]

The modest benefit tomb of money travels  Suzhou of China


Stroke Liu supernatural Bang under water rock in supposition Shanxi southern foot, in the west of the highway surrounded by mountains. The graveyard of money is relatively wide, originally have stone workshops to face the pond on a hill, the path leading to a grave, visit platform,etc., has all already destroyed, only store the Luo s.
Store tombs and face south today, carry the lake the mountain. Cover an area of 743 square meters, seal the 1.3 meters high soil, the main cave is money parents Qian ShiYang, tomb taken care of, have tablets once, money tomb is in it is clear (left) Location, set up Qing behind the tomb Jiaqing rooms of money swimming write blue and green stone tablet and the Republic of China set up spend the intersection of hillock and the intersection of stone tablet and one respectively. Money swimming writes the centre of the tablet to engrave The east ravine old man s tomb ,The top engraves the small character Collect the east slope gentleman s book ,The underpart engraves the small character Shang HuYu person s question ,Have sympathy for talented persons alone in my purpose that the end is engraved And is still fishing person of lake Two is printed. Set up a monument to engrave among the Republic of China Mr. Qian MuZhai s tomb . And then the money tomb was repeatly repaired, had announced that as the provincial historic reservation unit, it is at county level to change to in 1982 in 1957, it is a municipality protected historic site now.
Qian QianYi ( 1582-1664 years) ,Word receive it, number herd room, late number cover with old man and deep red the intersection of cloud and old man, in the intersection of ravine and old man,etc.. The clear for the first time authority of literary world at end of Ming Dynasty, is honoured as southeast Wencong . Born in home of the government official in Changshu, the 38th year of perpetual calendar in Ming Dynasty (1610) Doctorate third ( Namely third place in imperial examination) ,Award the Imperial Academy to compile. Because forests east party in and Zhejiang, neatly and in a clear three party struggle fail,incline, whether forest the moneys of the partieses east force to stay at home idle for a long time at hometown. At the beginning of bright high hardwood, reply and take the post as the Ministry of Rites right assistant minister and concurrently the Imperial Academy and wait upon and read bachelors, later, because the location of warm body benevolence, distribution Confucianism and its battle pavilion official. Falsely accused form the party and accept bribes ,While paring the duty and returning again.
13 Emperor Chongzhen annual 1640 years) ,Name the intersection of accomplished lady and willow Ji admire talent and learning with gentle name their in this way, committee body money the concubine. Soon, the Manchu troop enters the GATT, build bright enlarges the light of the south in Nanjing Regime, it takes the post as Director of the Board of Rites. After the money in order to support to resist the clear burning out and assets, to the third year of Kangxi (1664) Died of illness in Changshu, had already built the debt platform high, if poverty was washed.
He the intersection of leader and end of Ming Dynasty clear the beginning two generations of authorities in poetry circles too at the same time, have great learning, quick in thought, leader of poem circle of the era that it is Kang Xi. Mastered all without exception by history articles and opinions and even Buddhism one. Also a famous book collector, it spares no pains, does not hesitate to record and ask the rare edition of ancient book with huge sum of money, build in the hillfoot of Shandong of the supposition The deep red cloud floor Collect, accumulate to 73 big casket, the block-printed edition collected known as the intersection of Chinese and top of collected books among them. The money work is very abundant, there is begin to learn and collect , have, learn, collect , throw pen, collect , the the intersection of country and the beginning the intersection of heroes and biographical sketch , the the intersection of Du Fu and the intersection of poem and notes , list towards the intersection of collection of poems and brief biography , whether money herd the model of epistolary art of the room .