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Taiwan is an island in East Asia. "Taiwan" is also commonly used to refer to the territories governed by the Republic of China (ROC) and to ROC itself, which governs the island of Taiwan, Orchid Island and Green Island in the Pacific off the Taiwan coast, the Pescadores in the Taiwan Strait, and Kinmen and the Matsu Islands off the coast of mainland Fujian.

The island groups of Taiwan and Penghu (except the municipalities of Taipei and Kaohsiung) are officially administered as Taiwan Province of the ROC. However, in practice, almost all government power is exercised at the national and local (city/county) levels.

Taiwan is also currently claimed by the People's Republic of China (PRC) as a PRC province, though the government of the PRC has never controlled Taiwan island or any of the current ROC territory commonly referred to as "Taiwan".

The main island of Taiwan, also known as Formosa, is located in East Asia off the coast of mainland China, southwest of the main islands of Japan but directly west of the end of Japan's Ryukyu Islands, and north-northwest of the Philippines. It is bound to the east by the Pacific Ocean, to the south by the South China Sea and the Luzon Strait, to the west by the Taiwan Strait and to the north by the East China Sea. The island is 394 kilometers long and 144 kilometers wide and consists of steep mountains covered by tropical and subtropical vegetation.

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Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street is located in the Nankai District of the Tianjin Municipality and was formally opened in 1986. It is located on the west bank of the Haihe River, with Tianhou Palace as its geographical center. Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street ...Read More
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by Buster 2011-05-23
Su Song is a prime minister in Song Dynasty, a pure and upright officer, diligent in government affairs and love the people, acted the official for last 60 years, fruitful, it is a remarkable politician, diplomat, pharmacology family, astronomical family, there is the Eclectic It claims. Leave a lot of scientific works for descendant. Su Song former ...
by Arran 2011-05-23
Lie, collect American district, irritate the intersection of port and town, irritate port in the north of the street, temple this to two enter palatial building of structure, front hall have eight blue and green the intersection of stone and the intersection of window and carve, coiled dragon stone pillar, blue and green the intersection of stone and male ...
by Hortensius 2011-05-23
Lie in and carry the small stream village with the big pool township in the Ann area, it is Gu Long workshop of a simple and unsophisticated ancient fragrant simulated wood floor type structure of layers of eaves, common height is more than 9 meters, go to the eaves to stud with the fretwork kindness honour Holy horizontal inscribed board, carve one pair of ...