Mazu Temple In Changhua

Mazu(Goddess of Sea) Temple is a saint place where Mazu ,who is regarded as the Saint Goddess of Sea, is worshipped greatly by her followers. On 23rd every March when is believed to be the Mazu’s birthday, there are thousands of pilgrims who are pious men and women to come here to worship the Goddess of Sea. Its oblation is a great pomp and its ceremony is great lively. Now Nanyao Palace where Mazu is worshipped greatly has been listed as one of the third grade historic sites. After worshipping the pious men and women followers will look at other sites with reverence, especially the Palace’s main hall where different architecture styles are made. It is also a good choice for tourists to visit Zhengchenggong Temple which is near Mazu(Goddess of Sea) Temple in Changhua.