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South Great Wall

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Great Wall, one of the World Culture Heritage sites in China and the representative architecture of China, is wildly known to be built for separating the central China from the north ethnic minorities. While seldom people know there is a section of Great Wall built in Hunan province during Ming Dynasty to present one south China ethnic minority group: Miao people from rebelling. This Great Wall is named Xiangxi Border Great Wall, also called South Great Wall.

With largest part passing though Fenghuang County, South Great Wall is about 190 kilometers long. It was might because that Miao Ethnic Minority group was not that formidable as North minorities, the South Great Wallwas sixth of the Great Wall in length. As one of the great ancient architecture on Chinese history, South Great Wall was firstly built in the year 33 of the reign ofEmperor Jiajing of Ming Dynasty (1554 AD) and finished in the year 3 of the reign of Emperor Tianqi of Ming Dynasty (1622 AD).

It was ever ruined during Ming Dynasty and rebuilt during Qing Dynasty. The wall is 3 meters high, two meters wide at the bottom and one meter wide on the top, twisting and winding along hill crests, gorges, and rivers. There are totally over 1300 battlements, passes, fortresses, emplacements and city gates, over 800 located in Fenghuang County.

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Ticket 45 yuan Traffic After reaching the phoenix, takes phoenixes to my regular bus at the bus stop, fare is about 3 yuan, go to the south the Great Wall to get off. Introduce Southern phoenix the Great Wall was established in Wanli period of Ming Dynasty, ...Read More
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by Spike 2011-05-23
The Great Wall of China was originally built in the Spring & Autumn Period (770-476BC), once stretched approximately 12,000 kilometers from the Bohai Sea in the east to the Gobi Desert, Lop Nor in the west. It is actually a series of stone, bricky and earthen fortifications and puts itself on the map as the greatest of the eight ancient architectural wonders ...
by Surotama 2011-05-20
On Aug. 17, Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology indicated that survey on resources of Great Wall of Wei of Shaanxi Province have achieved staggered results. It was found that the great wall of Wei of the Warring States extends for more than 140 kilometers. The site of great wall of Wei is a key cultural heritage protection unit of the country. The ...
by Etain 2011-05-23
Ticket 45 yuan Traffic After reaching the phoenix, takes the regular bus that phoenixes to my camped at the bus stop, fare is about 3 yuan, go to the South the Great Wall to get off. Introduce China southern the Great Wall was establish in the 33rd year of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty A.D. 1554) Complete tomorrow opening for 3 years A.D. 1622) The Great Wall ...