Volcano Crater Park

 It is 15 kilometers from Haikou in the Shishan Town. A natural volcano geology museum .

The eruption of the ancient Qiongbei Volcano left the most intact volcano craters here. According to geologists, the last eruption happened about 13,000 years ago. And now, 36 relics of the craters can be seen here. Among them the highest one is the Saddle Hill which is about 222.8 meters up.   

Today, the park has the volcano cultural garden, ecological garden, the green corridor, and the crater's garden, attracting visitors from both home and abroad. Visitors can also enjoy the rustic flavor of the local people, try the country house food, and purchase the local handiworks too.

Take bus No. 2 or 9 from Haixiu Road in Haikou and get off at the Xiuying terminal station. A lot of minibuses go to the Crater Garden which costs about RMB 2 Yuan.

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by Rana 2011-05-20
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