Blessing Terrace


The terrace is in Bayi Douwa Village in Arele Township. It is 4 kilometers from the downtown.

Special Distinction:

It is a national A-level scenic spot, and a Xinjiang heritage protection site.

Brief Introduction:

It was built by a king of Shache in 65 B.C. (during the Western Han Dynasty). Its height is 12 meters (about 40 feet), and it has an area of 24 acres. It was rebuilt once during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. On the terrace are pavilions and archways. A line of Chinese characters is engraved, “Gong Zhun Han Shi, Tong Ju Xiong Nu.” (Under the reign of the Han Dynasty to defeat the Xiongnu.) The Xiongnu were an enemy of Shache.

According to historical records, General Feng Fengshi in an alliance with some small kingdoms defeated the Xiongnu here, so it is also called the Alliance Terrace. When the old king of Shache was going to die without a sibling, he petitioned Emperor Qianlong to send a son of the Jieyou Princess (a sister of the Emperor Qianlong) to be the king. The new king of Shache missed his parents. He hoped that the people would be prosperous, so he built the Blessing Terrace and often prayed for the wealth and safety of the local residents.

How to go there:

Travelers can hire a taxi or van to go there.

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