Dawakun Desert


Dawakun Desert features lakes with true desert landscapes, and contains cultural relics of the Uygur culture. It is the nearest desert from Kashgar City.


Dawaka Desert is an oasis at the rim of Taklamakan Desert, featuring vast desert, flowing natural lakes and has relics of the Uygur culture in nearby areas. Newly-built European style villas and houses with Uygur ethnic features stand on the banks of the lakes. There are many desert amusement and activities too. Visitors can ride horses or camels on the desert, and it will be great to watch sunrise or sunset on the desert.

Touring Activities

  • Ride horses or camels
  • Watch or join Uygur activities, such as horse racing, wrestling and whole lamb roasting
  • Sliding on the sand
  • Explore the historical and cultural relics in nearby villages


Dawakun Desert is located 110 kilometers or about 2 hours drive from Kashgar City. It is the nearest desert from Kashgar City.

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