Shipton Arch


Atushi is one of the paradises of the adventures. It has been listed as “One of the 20 most attractive places in the world” by ADVENTURE, one American journal of adventure.


Shipton’s Arch is located at the junction of the Kunlun Mountain and the Snow Mountain, around 75 kilometers (47 miles) away from the Atushi city. It covers an area from 75°31′ 22″ to 75°31′ 47″ east longitude and from 39°39′ 29″ to 39°40′ 11″ northern latitude.

In 1947, Aric Shipton, English consul at Kashmir and adventure, found a huge natural stone arch in Atushi. The stone arch measures 475 metres (1,558.4 ft) in height and it is the highest stone arch in the world.

The Stone arch stands on the Pamirs Plateau. It is shaped like “∩”. It is around 100 meters (328 ft) wide and 500 meters (1,640 ft) high. The huge stone arch stands on the plateau. Travelers can find it at a distance.

There are many stone caves at the right side of the stone arch. People can hear the echoes in front of the right side. The left sides of the stone arch looks like a wired paintings. People can hear all the echoes in the middle of the stone arch.

It is quite difficult to clime the stone arch. The rock weathering here is severe and the rock is brittle. Accidents occur a lot. It is a good place to enjoy the prompt drop. There are lots of rock jocks visiting the Stone Arch every year.

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