Red Butterfly Valley

Red Butterfly Valley

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It is one of the top three butterfly valleys in Xinjiang. Every spring witnesses an ocean of red butterflies fly and gather there.


Hoxud Red Butterfly Valley is located in Hoxud County, Korla, at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains. The valley stretches several kilometers with charming sceneries. Streams of Tianshan snow water flow and nourish trees of various kinds, such as elms, walnut trees, mulberry tress, apricot trees and poplar. Every mid-May when wild mulberries are getting black and purple, many visitors are attracted by the tasty wild fruit, as well as tens of thousands of red butterflies. They fly into the valley and stay there from mid-May to June.

The natural environment around Red Butterfly Valley is amazing, with tall tress, various flowers, birds and streams. Travelers go there to appreciate beautiful butterflies, escape summer heat and go hiking. Besides, travelers can also watch local minority activities, like rooster fighting, sheep fighting, wrestling, tug-of-war, folk dance and archery.

Location: Red Butterfly Valley is located in Quhui Town, Hoxud County, about 140 km from Korla City and about 400 kilometers away from Urumqi.

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Ticket Central the intersection of square and admission Includes shell s hall) : 56 yuan for each person. The price of a series of tickets: 69 yuan for each person (including square, shell s hall, butterfly valley in the centre) . Traffic . Thai with bus Line ...Read More
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