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The museum of the Great Wall of China travels Beijing of China

The museum of the Great Wall of China travels Beijing of China

Write: Winema [2011-05-23]
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The museum of the Great Wall of China travels  Beijing of China


The ticket price includes in the ticket fee of the Badaling Great Wall


Take bus No. 919 and get off at Badaling and get promptly or ride and visit 1 at Deshengmen- Visit bus No. 5 and go to Badaling directly


The museum of the Great Wall of China lies in Beijing Yanqing county Badaling, carries and builds in accordance with the Great Wall, opened to the outside world formally on September 6, 1994, it was the special topic museums of history of the Great Wall of exhibition room and extensive and profound cultural intension.

Inscribe the name of the hall for this hall. The appearance of the house is the Great Wall, solemn and mighty, becomes integrated with the Great Wall, enhance each other s beauty. The line of exhibition is unique in design in the hall, the passway height is winding, as if the Great Wall rises and falls, can see impregnable pass everywhere , pass , wind flint , enemy broadcasting station ,Seem to place oneself in the midst of good abundant Great Wall closed to the Shanhai Pass.

Basic display from Past dynasties the Great Wall , the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty , the construction is equipped , the Great Wall goes on an expedition , economic cultural exchanges , treasure-house of folk art , love China and build the Great Wall of my Seven parts make up, the basic train of thought showing the Great Wall produced and developed, the Great Wall architecture structure and overall arrangement, the historical sights distributed along the line of great campaign and the Great Wall that happened inside and outside the Great Wall in history, human cultural sight, have reproduced historical facts and Chinese various nationalities, care and love of the Great Wall of the people of other countries who the internal and external brother nationalities of the Great Wall develop together for a long time, blend each other.

Historical relic, sample quintessence which all parts excavate along the line of the Great Wall of China that the exhibition is centralized, complement it with full and accurate historical document, photo and model, has carried on exhaustive statement to the symbol of this Chinese nation of the Great Wall.

Adopted the means simulation of Hi-Tech display to go out of the Great Wall and attack and fight the scene partly at the same time, set off the atmosphere by contrast, distinguish it from the special display of the Great Wall of the similar hall, has added visuality and interest.