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Carry on the back and travel sharp An qing of China

Carry on the back and travel sharp An qing of China

Write: Asmara [2011-05-23]

Carry on the back and travel sharp  An   qing of China


Yuexi at the southwest corner of county town, tower Gao Shanfeng the most within the territory of the the whole county 1751 meters above sea level to carry on the back sharp. Before going, remained perplexed despite much thought to this mountain name straight, saw suddenly on the spot, the side realized to some extent. Carry the sharp southwest side on the back and take stone peak as the core, the stone forest such as sea here, split the ground skyscraping, the precipitous cliff is towering, the deep and remote gully is vertical-horizontal. Though these stone forests did not exceed and carry the sharp peak on the back, peak of these stones fell so that this massif has been carried on the back. It is a overhang in the large ridge mountain range to carry on the back sharp.
There are ridges where the pen extended in the south stands tall and upright from carrying the sharp the middle on the back, both sides of the ridge are two mountains, similar to one The word, and two are basically compounded at the foot of the hill. Each mountain have stream shed, local masses call spiral shell eyes, mountain of upside call big the intersection of spiral shell and eyes, the mountain outside calls little spiral shell s eyes. It carry on the back it is sharp and under big little spiral shell eyes, area about 100 hectares. During that time, the scenery is unique difficult to describe with pen and ink.
First, spectacular rocky peak, spread all over the place, stand in great numbers about high and steeply from head to foot, the posture is very gaudy, it is a typical granite needle karst ground form view. The stone forest of the big one stands towering, the stalagmite is enumerated, the small one is exquisitely carved, superb craftsmanship. Some are exactly like the rare birds and animals: Such as the monitor stone, on a row of cliffs, have climbed a stone similar to the monitor; Rabbit stone, two sharp and sharp stones such as a pair of rabbit s ears towering. Have trunk stone, sea lion, green turtle, dragon s ovum,etc.. Some like various types of personage also, if pile blow arhat, seven huge stone overlap; The clay figures of warriors and horses, a row of huge stone every ones are arranging from left to right neatly. Some look like various apparatuses, such as the stone of the chair, that back is very tall and big; The rubstone of waist, look up at below, like Tianzhu, viewing from the point of carrying the sharp place on the back looks like the car, it rubs the son to only see thinking parallelly. Stones of the sun, the moon, peach of immortality, this kind of shape, are too many. There are a lot of spectacular rocky peaks since time is limited, can t examine from different angles, position deeply the detailed view. The strange stone of the wonderful workmanship excelling nature is very witty, marvellous.
Second, Mount Huang spread all over large, little spiral shell eyes loose. It regards stone as mother, regards cloud as the milk, a root places oneself in the precipice precipice of the peak very much in endangering the rock cliff, vigorous and tall and straight. Conifer leaf short and black to give out light while being green thick, sharpen while being flat very, beauty of posture rate as an unsurpassed one. It is loosed several Zhangs high, does not loose the full size small that huge. Because of the nature good fortune, make it vigorous and colourful, or it is tall and straight to tower, is like holding up the giant on day; Or green piece unfold, flowing water do cloud for instance; Or do the song and prop up Qiu, for instance, Black Dragon visits the clear wave; Rectify on mighty, for instance, the fierce tiger belongs to the mountain. Each comes in every shape, simply fantastic; Different, too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. Can be found everywhere like meeting guests loose of Mount Huang, but although is hospitable, it is difficult to meet the guest will come.
Carry on the back and belong to the subtropical transition to temperate zone area in the north, the transition of north and south sharp, touch the things. Have the intersection of mountain and high the intersection of temperature difference and heavy characteristic, rain when being sometimes fine and sometimes overcast, cloud steam fog wind often, wonder of a sea of clouds is appearing constantly. It is late autumn when we go, still meet three kinds of climate in one day, it is cloudy while going up a hill, but visibility is very good, has reached the mountain peak, the unexpected light rain is unbroken, a burst of of soughing of the wind in the pines, a suit of sweat while climbing is all dry immediately, while going to the rubstone of waist to plan to go down the hill, and one bunch of sunshine shines. Mountains on mountain such as Tianzhu, wonderful way, minister of public works in ancient china,etc. are sharp that a red tape of the southeast direction remotest places locks, make them well up gold, shed silver, knit silks and spread the silk, but the northwest direction is to chatter like a magpie, scud roll, the top of the horn hit-and-miss like many pieces of sharp, sheep, like, see, see. Such fast changing scene, give and carry on the back and cover with the mysterious color of one layer sharp.
Carrying sharp a thousand ren on the back becomes the peak, stay for the ravine, mountain stream brook, assemble and leave. Waterfall rush down, assault pool, pool overflow and Cheng XiQuan, the flowing water is murmuring, like the sound of musical instrument. Water rises after the rain, the torrent surges forward, the mountain valley of acoustic shock. From carrying on the back sharp downwards to the Milk Way exit, fewer than one hundred li, there are 10 power stations of more than 100 kilowatts on the way, this bunch of remote mountains pearl, add the color for the wonderful scenery. Carry this sharp kind of beautiful scenery that becomes on day on the back, although enjoy equal fame with Mount Huang, can match in excellence or beauty with it. It is raised in the boudoir that for a long time, people have not known . It is said famous poet Li Bai has thought of from the mountain of the courtyart to carry on the back sharp. He has carved two calabashes on the cliff of the river of the calabash, has streamers on the reed. Have carved above the two calabashes Brightness of the sky Four big characters. It can be distinguished that this cliff of pattern and characters are still clear now. The name of the river of the calabash shouts like this. It lay in the southern side of the mountain of the courtyart, Li Bai went to the remote mountains to live in seclusion and take refuge that year, plan to pass the mountain of the courtyart and get to carry on the back sharp along the river of the calabash. But reached under the foot of the hill of the courtyart, resume and see the peak of Wuzhi Mountain of mountain of the courtyart, bright and clean like the jade, it is unable to climb. Defeated because of assisting Li Lin at that time, passivism of psychology, think of brightness of the sky Can t go. Even mountain of a courtyart can not go up, what s more derive the mountain of the courtyart, more high and steeply than the mountain of the courtyart carrying on the back sharp out now! Have no way out, receive the intersection of minister of public works in ancient china and mountain, live in seclusion only.