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Korla or Kurla locates in central Xinjiang with an area of 7116.9 square kilometers. Korla means “overlook” in Uygur and is the capital of the Bayin'gholin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, which has a similar territory as France and claims the largest prefecture in China. To the northeast, it is the Tarim Basin, to the north is the Tianshan Mountain’s branches-Kuluke Mountain and Hualashan Mountain, the Taklimakan Dessert (second largest desert in the world) is on the south.

Korla has the Han (majority), Uygur, Mongolian, Hui and so on 23 nationalities, the minorities accounts for 30.1% of the population.

Korla has long been a prosperous and the biggest centre in the region after Karashahr itself with abundant water and extensive farmlands, as well as controlling the main routes to the south and west of Karashahr. Due to the discovery of oil in the Taklimakan Desert, Korla is now both more populous and far more developed than Karashar. Korla is home to a huge operational center for Petro China's exploration in Xinjiang. It is known for its production of fragrant pears, which are well known in the region for their sweetness and flavor-so called “the City of Pears”.

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Horse racing of Mongol can generally be divided into two: walking race and galloping. In walking horse racing, horses compete in speed, resistance, steadiness and beauty via running with alternating side steps (the front hoofs and hind hoofs move in turns). ...Read More
Bayinburuke means Rich Fountains in the Mongolian. The adequate water supply there endows the area with luxurious grasslands, large varieties of flowers and hundreds of thousands of cattle and sheep. Bayinburuke is the second largest grassland in China ...Read More
Lop Lake lies to the east of Korla. It was an important station on the ancient Silk Road and once a very large lake. In the Han dynasty, it was the second largest inland lake in China and was even mistaken as the source of the Yellow River. Now, the Lop Lake, ...Read More

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by Masako 2011-05-23
Lopnur Village Located in 35 kilometers south-west of Weili County City and 85 kilometers from Korla this hamlet of more than 20 clans is considered one of China's most famous villages. The Lopnur Village is famous for producing fine jade-ware and is home to the Lopnur ethnic minority who possess their own unique individual culture, although it is located in ...
by Siegfried 2011-05-20
A viscose fibre producing facility is coming up in Korla with a production capacity of xxx. This project would require an investment of around xxx...
by Keshav 2011-05-20
Recently, good news came from Korla, Xinjiang that CSR s autonomous 400V/600KW converter has overcome the complex and severe work conditions in oil wells and worked continuously and normally with a drilling depth of 4,000 meters since going into operation on February 1, thus gaining unanimous recognition from the workers of the Hunan drilling team of Sinopec ...