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Zunyi City is now well-known as the place of the secret Zunyi Meeting of the Communist Party in 1935. It is Guizhou Province's second largest city. It is also the tourist centre of northern Guizhou and is on the list of the top 24 historic and cultural cities in China. The Xiangjiang River flows in the city and separates it into new and old city districts.

The city centre of Zunyi is 153 kilometers south of Guiyang City. It takes about three hours by bus. It is 308 kilometers north of Chongqing City. The central district of the city covers an area of about 60 square kilometres, and the district has a population of 900,000. The total population of Zunyi is 7,655,400 people.

Zunyi is an important tourist place in southwest China. It has a key role in the "tourist golden triangle" composed of Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou provinces. It is an ideal natural hotspot for international tourists in the Three Gorges region. Zunyi's scenery is colored by the features of mountains, the waterfalls, rivers and streams, the big valleys, woods and caves.

Guizhou residents say that the scenery will give you "three washings: the Zunyi Brain Washing, the Moutai Vodka Stomach Washing, and the Chi Shui River Lung Washing – to not only get the sense of the Great Red Army Long March but also to be intoxicated by smooth and rich Moutai Vodka and enjoy the refreshing air of the Chi Shui River.

  • Danxia Landform of China - A World Heritage Site

Telephone area code: 0852.
Postal Zip Code: 563000.

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First, the basic situation Zunyi County, Pepper Food Factory was founded in 1995, is a professional food processing chili private owned enterprise, covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Shrimp enterprises relying on the town - "Chinese pepper city" rich ...Read More
Sinan-Zunyi Expressway project in Guizhou is won by CCCC Forth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. Recently, CCCC Forth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. won Section 13 of Sinan-Zunyi Expressway in Guizhou. The bidding price amounted to RMB398 million with construction ...Read More
CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- On March 31, Zunyi City of Guizhou Province held Investment Promotion Meeting in Chongqing and tried to attract investment for over 100 projects. The projects cover IT, automobile and motorcycle supplies, ecological agriculture developmen...Read More

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by Ricarda 2011-05-20
On 1st March 2010, CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. won Section 13 and 14 of Zunyi-Bijie Highway. The bidding price amounted to RMB570 million with construction period of 29 months. This highway is 172km long and 33.5m wide with dual three-lane. Section 13 is 5.7km long and composed of four bridges, eight reinforced concrete slabs, 11 channels, one ...
by Amistad 2011-05-20
No. 2 of 2007 (Serial No. 20): Audit Findings on the Construction Management and Investment Result of 34 High-grade Highway Projects Audit Findings on the Construction Management and Investment Result of 34 High-grade Highway Projects (Announced on March 26, 2007) In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Audit Law of the People s Republic of China, ...
by Ashley 2011-05-20
SHANGHAI - Cooperation between China and Norway on environmental protection has moved forward with the drawing up of lists of projects around the country at the Shanghai Expo 2010 Garden. A two-day seminar on Sino-Norwegian Environmental Collaboration at the expo, held in the Norway Pavilion earlier this month, was jointly organized by the Ministry of ...