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Situated in the north of Guangxi, Beihai is 206 km away from Nanning in the northwest, 198 km from Zhanjiang in the east and 147 km from Haikou in the southeast. The downtown is embraced by the sea in its south, north and west sides. It has two coastal islands, namely, Weizhou Island (24.74 square kilometers) and Xieyang Island (1.8 square kilometers). Weizhou Island is about 20.2 sea miles from the city center.

Beihai used to be the starting harbor of Maritime Silk Road in ancient China. Through the history, it has been the distribution center for the Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Guangxi, Hunan and Hubei in their foreign trade. Thus, it enjoys an important geographic position. Southern Pearl, referring to the pearl of Beihai, is famed around the world for its fantastic appearance, dazzling sparkle, lasting luster. Pearl then becomes the most distinctive tourist product of Beihai.

Located in the subtropics, the weather is moderate and moist with fresh air, and no wonder Beihai is considered to be one of the cities that are suitable for habitation in China. The natural environment is preserved well. It has quite a lot of marvelous beaches, which are of clear water and soft sand. The shore zone with Silver Beach as its representative is the combination of sea water, sunshine and beach, being an ideal place for leisure.

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In vivid contrast to the newness of Beihai City, the Hepu county seat attracts visitors with its antiquity. Located 27 kilometers from Beihai City proper, Hepu was already the terminus of the maritime Silk Road during the Western Han Dynasty (206B.C.-A.D.24). ...Read More
A bridge links China's Dongxing City of the northern bank, and with the Vietnamese border town of Mong Cai on the southern bank across the Beilun. Dongxing has been a famous border trading port in China's modern history. It was once a flourishing port in South ...Read More
Beihai Silver Beach Beihai Silver Beach lies in the south of Beihai City, 10 kilometers (about 6 miles) away from city center. The beach stretches 24 kilometers (about 15 miles) from west to east with a width between 3 and 3,000 meters (3-3,281 yards). It is ...Read More

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by Hylda 2011-05-23
Dongpo Pavilion in Beihai Situated on the campus of Hepu Normal School in Beihai City, Dongpo Pavilion was built in memory of Su Dongpo, a famous poet of the Song Dynasty (960-1127). Although Su Dongpo had lived here for just a short time, he still wrote several articles and poems to describe the life of the local people and his mood at the time. The ...
by Valma 2011-05-23
Silver Beach is one of the best beaches in China, with a total area of 22 square kilometers (8.5 square miles). For thousands of years, fine quartz has been accumulating on Silver Beach, so called because it reflects the sun's rays with a dazzling light. Praised highly in China, it is famous for its extensive beach with fine and white sand, clean and warm ...
by Reva 2011-05-23
Introduce Join the profound military platform of ancient name of the platform very much, established in the early years of Song Dynasty, the platform was 6 meters high, accounted for 1300 square meters of ground. Lay in the side of sub pool of Beihai of Xinghua city of Jiangsu Province, was established in Song, built profound military dais every year in ...