Nandaihe Scenic Area

Nandaihe Seaside Tourism Area is located 19.5 km southeast of Funing County Town, Hebei Province. It is both adjacent to and looking out on the seaside at Beidaihe, a well-known summer vacation scenic spot. Nandaihe’s seaside bathing spot has soft sand, no strong currents, tranquil tides, moderate water temperature and overall safe and comfortable conditions. The sand of the sea bed is fine and soft and the seawater is clear and unpolluted.

The tourism area has a 75,000 square meter (800,000 square foot) sea water bathing area, more than 20 hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, shops, and other services. Tourists don’t need to worry about where to eat and stay. Now a coastal road runs through the area, linking Beidaihe, the First Pass Under Heaven; the Golden Coast, Jieshi Mountain, Beiniu Peak and other famous tourist attractions.


The average July/August temperature is 25ºC (77ºF), excellent natural conditions for sea bathing, sun bathing and beach activities.