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Quanzhou lies northeast of Xiamen, facing Taiwan across the sea. It is one of the first famous historic and cultural cities listed by the State Council. Also known as "Hai Bin Zou Lu" (meaning coastal civilized city), Quanzhou is one if the three central cities in Fujian Province. The whole city covers an area of 11,015 square kilometers (or 2,721,865.77 acre), with a population of 7.74 million (Jinmen County not included). It is 154 kilometers (or 95.6911636 miles) from Fuzhou City,  or about a 2 hours drive. The district number of Quanzhou is 0595, and the postal code is 362000.

Quanzhou is rich in history and culture, with a lot of places of historical interests and world-known cultural relics. In Quanzhou, there are 12 state protected historic sites, and 27 provincial heritage conservation units. Quanzhou is also known as "the Biggest Port in the Orient" and the starting point on the "Silk Road of the Sea".

Since ancient times, different religions have been in harmony with each other, and eastern and western culture have gathered together. Particularly, Buddhism, Taoism and Manichaeism have had their influence here. Many of the religious relics are of great historic and artistic value, adding a unique cultural landscape to Quanzhou.

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The largest of Quanzhou s Buddhist temples, Kaiyuan is also the city s primary tourist attraction. The temple has an airy, stone-paved courtyard flanked by the impressive East and West Pagodas. Surrounded by sculptures of Buddhist icons, the pagodas are unique ...Read More
Open hour 8: 00- 17: 30 Ticket RMB15 yuan for each person Traffic Only can enter garden to travel left in about 5 minutes from the ferry quay on the island. Introduce The white monthly garden is located in the east on the island of Gulang Island, cover the ...Read More
Open hour 8:00- 17:30 Ticket 5 yuan Traffic Zheng Chenggong memorial museum lies in the south to fit the town of one dan of wells. 40 kilometers from Quanzhou urban area. Long-distance bus: Quanzhou- Bus of special line of stone well Introduce Zheng Chenggong ...Read More

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by Salome 2011-05-23
Ticket 15 yuan of adult, 5 yuan of children. Traffic Railway station can change, stand town to the intersection of Cangnan and Ma, can also reach the intersection of Cangnan and county town first directly from Wenzhou, and then go to the town of horse s station by bus. Ma stand town get fishing only several in small house, have one minibus get the intersecti...
by Blakeley 2011-05-23
Introduce The mini-scape garden of imperial tomb of sea, are located in the way of park of district of imperial tomb of Taizhou sea, lie in the side of the park of Mount Tai. Establish in the early days of foundation, takes up an area of about 0.667 hectares. Classified as one of the transfermation projects of the park of Mount Tai, in course of renovating, ...
by Maryann 2011-05-23
Ticket A series of tickets cost 70 yuan for each person Introduce The national geological park of mountain of Hunan Lang lies within the boundaries of new Ning County in southwest of Hunan, adjoin east An county in the east, border on the city step in the west, from the north to 11 kilometers of Xinning county town, connect with Quanzhou, Guangxi, resource ...