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Longyan City, bordering Xiamen , Z Hangzhou and Quanzhou City in the east, Meizhou City of Guangdong province in the south and Ganzhou City of Jiangxi Province in the west, is an important communication center of Zhejiang , Guangdong and Jiangxi province. Endowed with rich natural resources, it is a zone of transition and an economic corridor between the coastal area and inland area.

Longyan is a well-known hometown of Hakkas (a sub-group of Han ethnic group, which in ancient times migrated from the north to the south in China) and other overseas Chinese. Minxi County of Longyan city is one of the major origins and concentrated communities of Hakkas. The county, with a long history, is characterized by colorful and distinctive Hakka culture, architecture, and folk customs.

Tingzhou, a famous historical and cultural city of China, is reputed as "The Capital of Hakka" and its Tingjiang River is known as "The Mother River of Hakka". The traditional Hakka residential building—Yongding Earth Tower is crowned as "a miracle in the history of world architecture" for its unique style and art.

?Lishi Grand Ancestral Hall, which was built in the 16th ruling year of Emperor Daoguang, Qing dynasty in Shanghang County, is reputed as "The Supreme Headquarters of Family Li in Southeast Asia".? ?

Administrations: Longyan City administers Xinluo District, Zhangping City at the county level and five counties: Changting, Yongding, Shanghang, Wuping and Liancheng; it covers 134 towns (in the form of community offices) and 1902 villages (represented by committees of local residents), with a total population of 2.86 million among whom 234 thousand residents are living in the urban area.

Best Time for Tour
Since Longyan City is situated in west Fujian Province, there will be hurricanes and storms in early summer and at the end of spring. Tourists are suggested to visit Longyan in other periods of time.

Code of Zone: 0579

Post code:364000

Telephone for Tourist Complains: 0597-2317086


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Introduce Lie in the scenic spot of celestial bridge. It is a natural cave, the prince blows on the xiao bridge the Jin Dynasty, has had a rest herein, so name this hole as celestial being hole according to legend . Rock, rock of carp, the moon of Longyan, ...Read More
Introduce Lie in the south wild goose and swing the small stream stone bank. The entrance to a cave takes the form of the round door towards the south. The left wall of the mouth engraves seal character banner The east hole Two huge words. There are forefather...Read More
Introduce Five Longyan has another name called fairy in conformity with the rock, goes towards the east in five dragon peaks, the cobbled path is rugged, the grass and trees are dense. Have spring in the rock, meet day drought each time, mountain people pray, ...Read More

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by Irene 2011-05-23
Efficacious in conformity with rock, also call five Longyan, the Tang Dynasty the intersection of state and procurator follow the order, pray for place of rain. It is said, since this was to Song Ming and Qing Dynasties, it is very efficacious to pray for the rain. So far, have intact the intersection of stone and one of hall in the rock, bring up the rear ...
by Wilfred 2011-05-20
The opening ceremony of the 5th China Longyan Investment Fair (Photo by Zheng Qiusheng and Fu Changsheng) Secretary-general Long Yongtu of the Boao Forum for Asia declares the opening of the 5th China Longyan Investment Fair and presses the button to start the fair. (Photo by Wang Yi and Zheng Qiusheng) On 18 November morning, thousands of entrepreneurs, ...
by Napoleon 2011-05-20
Acting Mayor Mr. Huang Xiaoyan and Mr. James Brown signing memorandum of intent on establishing twin-city relationship (Photo by Huang Jun and Huang Yaohui) On 19th~20th November, the Delegation from the City of Rome of New York, USA, headed by Mayor Mr. James F. Brown, visited Longyan City. The other delegate members were: Mr. Michele S. Limb, Executive ...