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Yellow Mountain, also named Huangshan, lies in the eastern part of China, is famous for its marvelous and beautiful scenery. It is one of the most popular tourist resorts in China.

The landform of Yellow Mountain is a kind of typical granite mountains and forests. It was the result of several movements of lithosphere as well as the work of nature during the long geological age. 77 peaks are more than 1,000 metres above sea level. Granite limestone towers and oddly-shaped rocks spread all over the scenic area.

The legendary pines, oddly-shaped rocks, phantasmagoric sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snows have own Yellow Mountain the world famous reputation of the five unique views. Yellow Mountain has brought together all the strong points other mountains have: grand, strange, baffling, arduous, steep, flourishing, quiet and spacious.

There is another noticeable place near Yellow Mountain - Huizhou Culture (also known as Xin'an culture) which is one of the three regional cultures in China. Huizhou Culture includes Xin'an Philosophy, Xin'an Painting School, Xin'an Medicine School, Huizhou Style Architecture, Anhui pot gardening, Huizhou Sculpture, Huizhou Opera, Huizhou Cuisine and so on. It's a miracle of excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation.

Huangshan(Yellow Mountain) with its superlative natural beauty has for centuries,been place where people come to paint,  and meditate. People come to Yellow Mountain to seek retreat. China Highlights offer tours to Huangshan.

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Nine Villages Valley China (Jiuzhaigou) is one of the earliest world heritage sites in China listed by UNESCO in 1990 s. It is located at an elevation of about 9,842.5 feet in the south of Min Mountain Range, about 279 miles south to this scenic nature reserve...Read More
Located about 40 kilometers away from Mt. Huangshan, Chengkan Village is renowned for its well-preserved residential architecture of Ming Dynasty (1368 AD - 1644 A.D). Chengkan Village is a wonder among the ancient villages in China for its elaborate layout. ...Read More
The Xuguo Stone Memorial Archway is located in Shexian County of Anhui Province. The archway is a piece of typical Ming (1368-1644) architecture rarely seen in the country. Built in 1584 during the Ming Dynasty, the stone memorial archway stands on an ...Read More

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by Emanuela 2011-05-23
Also named Mystical Grottos in Flower Hill, the Chinese name is Huashan Mi Ku, found by a farmer when he climbed up the Flower Hill (Huashan) to cut wood in 2000. The grottos are only 15 kilometers from Huangshan City. There are totally 36 grottos distributively found in the foot of the Flower Hill now, they extend about 5 kilometers along the hill. The ...
by Tuart 2011-05-23
Taiping Lake (Peace Lake, Taiping Hu) is the largest man-made lake in Anhui province. Surrounded by mountains, the scenic area boasts beautiful waters, differently-shaped peninsulas, and stunning stones. Its advantageous location, good harmonious ecological environment, abundant products, and profound culture predict a prosperous future of tourism. Taiping ...
by Macmorris 2011-05-23
Qingliangfeng (Qingliang Peak) is located on the joint of Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province, near to the Huangshan Mountain in Ahui. Qingliangfeng is the main peak of the Tianmu Mountain of Zhejiang, about 1787 meters above sea level. It's the second highest peak in eastern China just next to Mt. Huangshan. The Qingliangfeng National Park is within Lin'an ...