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  • Jiaoshan Hill is located about 4.5 km northeast of Zhenjiang City in the middle ...
  • Beigu Hill or Beigu Shan is located in the northeastern part of Zhenjiang of ...
  • Jinshan Temple locates on the top of Jinshan Hill in the center of Jinshan Park. ...
  • Jinshan Hill, with an altitude of 43.7 meters, is situated in the northwest of ...
  • Introduce Come into the north Tamerlan district of the intersection of Shaoyang ...

Zhenjiang is a prefecture-level city of Jiangsu province, People's Republic of China. The city was once the provincial capital of Jiangsu province during the rule of the Republic of China. With a rich heritage of culture and art, the city is often associated with many of the fascinating folk mythologies in Chinese history. In 1986, the city became one of the well-known historic and cultural cities in China.

The city is situated on the crossway of the third longest river in the world---the Yangtze River---and the longest man-made canal in the world---the Grand Canal. Zhenjiang borders Nanjing on the west, about 70 km (1 hour by car). The prefecture-level city of Zhenjiang administers six county-level divisions, including three districts (Dantu District, Jingkou District and Runzhou District) and three county-level cities (Danyang City, Jurong City and Yangzhong City). Zhenjiang has a total population of three million and has a land area of 3,847 square km.

The most famous tourist sites in Zhenjiang are "the three hills", namely Gold Hill, Jiao Mountain and Beigu Hill, all standing by the Yangtze River. With heights of less than one hundred meters, all of the three hills overlook the Yangtze River with precipitous and steep cliffs. Developed since early times, an abundance of antiques and temples remain on the hills, and legends and myths circulate about them. Among the hills, Gold Hill is in the west part of the old downtown, with a height of 44 meters. Tianchan Temple conforms harmoniously to the hill forming a unique scene, described by the classic saying "the temple wraps the gold hill". Beigu Hill standing in the river is famous for the century-old Dinghui Buddhist Temple. "Zhenjiang Three Hills" are known as key national scenic spots. Along with Three Hills, another famous scenic spot, Maoshan Mountain, has been listed as a National AAAA Tourist Spot.

Zhenjiang postal code: 212000
Telephone area code: 0511

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Zhenjiang Museum is a local historical and art museum in China. It is located in little Pier Street in Zhenjiang City of Jiangsu Province. The museum was built in 1958. Zhenjiang Museum is the local artistic historical museum. The museum was constructed based ...Read More
The South Suburb of Zhenjiang, as a provincial scenic spot as Nanjiao or the South Suburb lies 2.5 kilometers from the centre of Zhenjiang. It has a preserved area of 18 square kilometers and a developed area of 3.67 square kilometers. It comprised of hilly ...Read More
Baohua Mountain scenic area has become National Forest Park in the decade, and is one of the holly places of Buddism in China. Amongst the mountain, there is 1500-year-old Longchang Temple, which is the biggest place to initiate into monk hood at present. In ...Read More

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by Vahe 2011-05-23
In a sense, Daxi street and its surrounding area, the oldest section of Zhenjiang, is nothing spectacular-but that is part of its appeal. It looks exactly what Chinese city streets are SUPPOSED to look like but few actually do. Large canopies extend from older buildings, shading the narrow cobblestone alleys which wind through the city in a seemingly random ...
by Hakim 2011-05-23
Dinghui Temple, first built in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 - 220), is the largest of all the temples on Jiaoshan Hill. It was originally named Puji Temple and was renamed as Puji Buddhist Temple in the Song Dynasty and Jiaoshan Temple in the Yuan Dynasty. During the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), when Emperor Kangxi made a tour of this mountain, its named was ...
by Ancel 2011-05-23
Mao Mountain is located in the southeastern part of Gourong city, Jiangsu province. The Taoism has made it a famous Taoism mountain in Chinese history. There are many Taoist Temples in this mountain and the name of mountain is also linked with the Taoism. The legend goes that in the reign of Emperor Jingdi of the Han dynasty (206BC-220 AD), there are three ...