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Jiao Hill

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As a strategic region of the Yangtze River, Jiao Mountain has frequently been a battleground since ancient times. The patriotic officer Han Shizhong of Southern Song Dynasty and his army once stationed here to fight against the army of Jin Dynasty. In 1275, a crucial battle took place around the mountain between Song and Yuan armies. In modern history, the Chinese army used it as a defensive fortress. The old battle stations in Jiao Mountain have proven the heroic spirit of Zhenjiang people.

In addition, to the north of Jiao Mountain are Songliao Hill and Yi Hill standing in the river. These hills formed the gateway of the ancient Yangtze River into the sea. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, Zhenjiang Guangling tide was comparable to today's tidal bore on the Qiantang River.

Specialty: Jiao Mountain is famous for the "Four Ancients." The ancient temple (Dinghui Temple) was built in the Ming Dynasty, with quaint green tiles and red railings. Ancient trees were planted behind Shuipan Temple on the mountainside during the period of Six Dynasties, and added to in the Song Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty. The trees have odd and crooked trunks, which create a serene natural  environment for travelers to delight in. The temple's ancient relics, such as inscriptions and calligraphies, also create a sense of wonder.

Travelers can take No. 4 bus from the train station. No. 104 and 123 buses are available between Jiao Mountain and Gold Hill.

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