Saihanba National Forest Park In Chengde

Saihanba national forest park in Chengde is a famous hunting-ground for the old royal families, and is a part of Mulan paddock. Saihanba is a mixed word of Mongolian and Chinese, which means a "beautiful and high mountain".

The park is north of the autonomous county of Man nationals and Mongolian nationals in Chengde paddock. It has an average altitude of 1400 meters, and has two main features of forests and grasslands as well as more than ten plateau lakes .

The park has seemingly boundless grasslands while the immense forest and the plateau with lakes so clear and inviting. The original eco-system is very well preserved, and will aid your appreciation of the charming and spectacular natural scenery  The area can lay claim to more than seven hundred species of animals and plants. It is an ideal place for touring, hunting and getting relief from the summer heat of the major cities.

The scenery is especially spectacular in summer.  With so many shades of green from the variety of trees and bushes that billow in the breeze, the immense forests rise and fall over the undulating countryside and the wide grassland being nearly all covered by golden flowers.

Truly a sight to be seen!  Temperatures in this season are usually no more than 25 centigrade degree. It is cool and the air fresh making the park is an excellent place to avoid the intense heat.

n autumn, flaming maple leaves, golden birch leaves and the dark green pine needle-like leaves mingle all over the mountain, with nature making an extremely beautiful carpet to walk through. This also makes it the best season for colour photography.

In the cold of winter, however, it takes on another dimension altogether; the ground is a blanket of white with a capping of snow while ice pieces can hang from the bare branches of the trees,. Early mornings with the fresh snow are a great time to get out, play games and warm up making snow-men and just having fun.

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Saihanba national forest park in Chengde, a part of Mulan paddock, is a famous hunting-ground for the old royal families. Saihanba is a mixed word of Mongolian and Chinese, which means a beautiful and high mountain. With an average altitude of 1,400 meters, ...Read More