Shanghai Circus World

Looking at ShanghaiCircus World from the outside, you wouldn’t necessarily think that it contained a circus. It looks more like a giant golf ball than a traditional circus, but appearances can be deceiving. Covering a massive 2,2500 square kilometers, it has long held the accolade of China's number one circus.

So what’s the story behind this strange, glittering dome of fun? The complex is situated on Gonghe Xin Lu Road, and integrates traditional circus acts, acrobatics, magic, dancing and music into popular extravaganza performances.

Shanghai Circus World is internationally-renowned. The world famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe performs here regularly, attracting audiences from across the globe. Since it first opened to public in 1999, Shanghai Circus World has been the setting for more than 800 performances. It has been the location for many important art and culture events like the closing ceremony of the 1999 Shanghai Tourism Festival. 

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Shanghai Circus World boasts of being the best circus world in China . With its unique architectural features, such as the golden, dome-like roof, it has become a landmark of Shanghai s international metropolis in its own right. There are 1,638 seats in the ...Read More
Ticket ERA- tour ticket price of space-time is based on grade, it is 80 yuan, 180 yuan, 280 yuan, 380 yuan, 580 yuan respectively. Traffic Address: No. 2266 Gonghexin Road. The station No. 3 of Shanghai Circus City of Subway Line No. one is exported. The ...Read More
The Chinese acrobatics shows have become the most popular evening entertainment for tourists in Shanghai. There are three excellent acrobatics troupes offer the wonderful performances in the city. The first one is Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. Founded in 1951, ...Read More

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