Quancheng Square

Embraced by mountain, spring, river and city, QuanCheng Square is the central square of the capital city of Shandong Province, Jinan. Looking around, you can have a look at the old city in the north, see Baotu Spring spurting or flowing slowly in the west, look into distance at the verdant Thousand Buddha Mountain stretching along in the south, look ahead the Liberation Pavilion fresh and elegant as a picture in the east.

QuanCheng Square has a total area of 16.96 hectares, with 780m from east to west and 230m from south to north. It is planned on a major axis between Baotu Spring and Liberation Pavilion and on a minor axis between Bangpeng Avenue and Shuowen Avenue. At the main entrance, the national flag is fluttering in the wind, under which the four Chinese characters of "QuanCheng Square" are sculptured on the signal of entrance, with "QuanCheng Square Record" on its back.

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Jinan, July 22 The Quancheng Square Administrative Office at the South Bank of Hucheng (Moat) River at Quancheng Square section was dismantled on July 21. To avoid influence on water quality and navigation construction of Moat River, the construction ...Read More
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by Jenica 2011-05-20
On May 25, Mr. Ma and his girlfriend were showing their creative wedding invitation cards near Quancheng Square, Jinan. The native place of Mr. Ma and his girlfriend are separately Heze and Jinan. As their wedding day approached, they made their wedding invitation card with the train ticket pattern, on which starting station and destination were their names ...
by Betty 2011-05-20
On the forenoon of March 21, large-scale publicity campaign on commemorating World Water Day and World Meteorology Day was held by Jinan Municipal Bureau of Water Conservation on the Quancheng Square of Jinan, Shandong Province. Zhao Wenchao, deputy mayor of Jinan municipal government presented in the campaign and sent water-saving devices to representatives ...