Mount Tai International Mountaineering Festival


Mount Tai international Mountaineering Festival is held in September every year since 1987. The festival and climbing competition attracts athletes and tourists from around the world, providing a development platform for strong economic and cultural construction of Tai'an, helping to build the city into an international travel destination.


1. Climbing Mount Tai can be a really impressive experience. Mount Tai is the leader of the Fiver Sacred Mountains of China (the other four are Heng Mountain of Hunan Province, Hua Mountain of Shaanxi Province, Song Mountain of Henan Province and Heng Mountain of Shanxi Province). Mount Tai is crowned by Jade Emperor Peak (in Chinese mythology, the Jade Emperor is the most powerful god in heaven) with an altitude of 1,545 meters. In 1987, it was listed as both World Natural Heritage and World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The temples on its slopes have been a destination for pilgrims for 3,000 years. Read More About Mount Tai
2. Mountaineering Competition is an important part of the festival, consisting of 5km climb for seniors group (591 steps and 800 meters high), 7.7km climb for middle-aged group (5884 steps and 1400 meters high) and 8.5 km climb for youth group (6566 steps and 1545 meters high). Athletes and teams who get the top three will be awarded certificates, prizes or trophies.
3. Besides the mountaineering competition, there are also other events like the exhibition of paintings and calligraphy, bonsai and root sculptures, as well as a lot of folk shows and performances.
4. Mount Tai international Mountaineering Festival has becoming more and more popular in China and abroad since its first hold in 1987. The number of participants of the mountaineering competition 2009 was over one thousand. They were mainly from 37 different counties. World Famous Mountain Cooperation Summit was held as part of the Climbing Festival 2009. Representatives of six world famous mountains, namely Canada’s Rocky Mountains, Germany’s Zugspitze Mountain, Greece’s Mount Olympus, South Korea’s Halla Mountain, Switzerland’s Pilatus Mountain, and China’s, Taishan Mountain attended the summit.

Date: mid-September every year

Venue: Mount Tai (located just north of Tai’an city in East China’s Shandong province)

Registration: Both individual and team registration are accepted.

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Open hour 7: 30- 17: 30 Ticket 45 yuan Traffic Take bus No. 502 and arrive directly on the east mountain (run every 20 minutes, the time of driving a vehicle is 100 minutes at the railway station, ,ticket price of 4 yuan) ,There is No. 62 (car Southern Station ...Read More