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The East Lake is a big lake in Wuchang that has lots of bays and measures about 35 square kilometers. It is surrounded by urban area or small parks. The whole park is divided into six scenic areas: the Tingtao Scenic Area, the Moshan Scenic Area, the Luoyan Scenic Area, the Baima Scenic Area, the Luohong Scenic Area and the Chuidi Scenic Area.

The main scenic spots are the Yuyan Garden, a musical fountain, the Xingyin Pavilion, the Changtian Tower, the Huguang Pavilion, Tian Shui Yi Se, and the Qu Ti Ling Bo. People can take boats at any dock on the lakeside and get to the Moshan Zoo located at the other bank of the East Lake.

The East Lake parks have a lot of species of trees, and the Moshan Zoo is interesting for the red pandas, the giant panda if it is there, and other animals. Entry to most places around the lake is free, but the Moshan area requires a ticket of about 40 RMB (about 6 USD).

Location: It is about 30 minutes by bus along Wuluolu Avenue from the Yangtze River Bridge. It is a big lake with parks surrounding it, so there are many places to enter.

Take Bus 14, 63, 501, 701, 108, 411, 402 or Trolleybus 8.

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East Lake Park Situated in the eastern suburbs of Wuchang, the East Lake Park, is the largest open space in the city. The lake here is huge, six times the size of the West Lake in Hangzhou and divided into different thematic areas including the Listening to ...Read More
Ticket Listen to the scenic spot of great wave to try freely, rub 40 yuan of clear city of mountain, leave 10 yuan of wild goose s scenic spot, 10 yuan of forest protection zone of Maan Mountain city, the forest of bird s twitter costs 20 yuan. Cableway ( Shan ...Read More
The ones that are built in ancient one of ten major wonderful scenery of Quanzhou The star carries on one s shoulder or back lake fragrantly Site. The lake surface has been up to more than 4000 mu in the Tang Dynasty, there are two common pavilions, East Lake ...Read More

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by Orlando 2011-05-23
The East Lake Scenic Zone in the Wuchang section of Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, is one of the country's biggest natural lake scenic areas covering some 88.19 square kilometers including a water area of 33 square kilometers. According to local sources, new parks with a variety of features will be built along East Lake's 18-km-long bank. In addition to ...
by Burdette 2011-05-23
The green lake park lies in two segments of way of inland lake, it is one of the lake sites in former days the inland lake, manage the place to manage from park street lamp of job bureau of government of Taibei at present. The green lake can also be called Big Pi lake ,The lake surface accounts for eight hectares, neighbour on and rejuvenate the drama school ...
by Derwood 2011-05-20
On May 24, the kick-off ceremony of the first East Lake Running Race 2009 was held at Liyuan Square in the renowned Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area. Title sponsored by Forte East Lake International, the 5K race starts from the entrance gate of Liyuan Park, continues around East Lake bypassing major scenery spots and returns to the starting point. Over 800 ...