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It is Between Haikou city and Fucheng, Qingshan. It is considered as the "first building of Haikou".

It is a very important scenic spot in Haikou, which is less than 5 kilometers away from the downtown area. In fact, it is a group of ancient buildings built in honor of the 5 noted ministers (Li Yude of Tang Dynasty, Li Gang, Li Guang, Zhao Ding and Hu Jing of Song Dynasty) in the history of Haikou.

The temple is made up of Guanjia Hall, Xuepu Hall, East Hall and West Hall, linking with Shugong Temple and Pubo Temple as a whole, covering a total area of 2800 square meters. The buildings were first built at Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty; later, they were rebuilt in the 15th year of the Guangxu Emperor in Qing Dynasty (1889 AD). Its main body is a red pavilion of two floors, with white tile and red pillars, which is known as the "first building of Haikou".

Shugong Temple, built in honor of Shushi (the great poet and politician of Song Dynasty), is at the east. This is a gardened court with lots of historic remains. The fountains, pavilions and balconies, all bear certain stories of Shushi.
To the left of the Shugong Temple, lies the Qiong Garden. This covers an area of 10 acres. There are historical remains about Shushi too, such as Fuli Hall, Liquan Pavilion, Xixin Room, and so on. Water of the Fuli Fountain is crystal clear, and it contains very little impurity. Tea made with the water is mellow and has great aftertaste. Therefore, this fountain is given the name as "the first fountain in Hainan".

Bus No. 1, 38, Tour bus No. 2, 12, and 21 can take you there.

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by Kristie 2011-05-23
Wuhou Memorial Temple / Zhugeliang Museum Wuhou (Martial Marquis) Memorial Temple is dedicated to Zhuge Liang, the Martial Marquis of Shu in the Three Kingdoms. Zhuge Liang was the personification of noble character and intelligence. Memorial temples erected in many places after his death include a famous one in Chendu. Located in the south suburb of Chengdu...
by Rawlins 2011-05-23
The Wuhou Temple (The Temple of Marquis Wu) in Chengdu s south suburb is the most famous and influential of the temples dedicated to Zhuge Liang who lived from 181 until 234 AD. He is one of China s famous historic figures, and he was a renowned minister and military strategist for Emperor Liu Bei (161-223) of the Shu Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period ...
by Clint 2011-05-23
Wuhou Temple was built in memory of Zhuge Liang, the Prime Minister of the Shu during the period of Three Kingdoms. To Chinese people, Zhuge Liang was the personification of noble character and intelligence. Memorial temples erected in many places after his death in China. The temple, located in the south suburb of Chengdu city, covers 37,000 square meters ...