Mangrove Forest In Dongzhai Port

It is the first mangrove protection zone established by the government in the country.

Mangrove is a tropical evergreen trees or shrubs of the genus Rhizophora, having stilt-like roots and stems and forming dense thickets along tidal shores. There are about 81 kinds of mangroves in the world and among them about 41 can be found in Hainan province. The Mangrove Forest in Dongzhai Port is about 50 miles long, covering an area of about 4000 square kilometers. Some of the plants can reach 10 meters high.
Mangroves grow in the sea, with huge tree crowns and odd-shaped tree stems. Visitors can take a boat trip into the mangrove forest corridor and enjoy the fantastic green fairyland, which is known as "the Oasis of the sea".  The mangrove forest, the sun, the sea, the beach and the historic relic of Ming Dynasty constitutes a nice picture in the area.
Sine mangrove is a peculiar plant species in the world, research has been doing on it through out the world. The Association of the Research on Mangrove has been founded ,and every year international seminars are held on the preservation and protection of mangrove. In the Mangrove Forest in Dongzhai Port, a diversity of 15 kinds of mangroves grows here and the forest is well preserved. So, the Mangrove Forest in Dongzhai Port is not only a good place of interest to visitors but also a place of scientific research to the scientists of home and abroad.

Take bus from Fucheng to Yanfeng, and then take a tricycle to the port.

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